Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

“More Adventure And Less Action. Excellent Film.”

May 31st, 2012

There are very few adventure films which i've liked, due to the fact that i prefer action over adventure. But this movie proved something else completely. I LOVED- pirates 1 and 2. And LIKED the third movie. I expected this movie to be another mediocre action-adventure film. But i was wrong. The movie, from the start to the end, keeps entertaining. There are very less action scenes, but that will not bother any jack sparrows' fans.

The story is not so fresh. It has been used many times. But what, completely new is the way it is put. Johnny Depp returns as Capt. Jack Sparrow who is sought after by the British, fearsome Blackbeard, his daughter and former lover of Sparrow, Angelica (Penelope Cruz) just so that he could direct them towards to the fountain of youth before the Spanish find it.

The Mermaid scene is superb and the way Jack sparrow yells "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" when his voodoo doll was being thrown is very hilarious. The climax is very finely done, and has so much more to explore in the upcoming POT sequel.

Johnny Depp, once again, steals the show yet again. Humorous, talented and you know, Johnny depp is Jack sparrow. Penelope cruz, was good, it was nice to see the love interest of Jack. Acting was okay by her with no major complaints, Others were perfect. Barbosa(Geoffrey Rush) is hilarious and great. BlackBeard(Ian McShane) was good but nothing in front of Davy jones. New Characters were great. And the Mermaids were Beautifull.

But what the real problem of this film is that it lacks action scenes and becomes a bit boring. And the story was not so much original. And the main villain Blackbeard was not at all interesting. Inspite of all these things, i thoroughly liked the film.

Pirates of the Caribbean series are known for two things. Jack sparrow and the Beautiful Visuals. Visuals here are very much different from the past three films. And the visuals look good.

Overall, The movie is an excellent adventure film. A perfect film for those who like adventure films. And a treat for all the jack sparrow fans.

Great, A, 4/5


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