Planet of the Apes Review

“....The Apes Have Risen”

August 5th, 2011

Planet of the Apes is a 2001American science fiction film, based on Pierre Boulle's novel and a remake of the 1968 film of the same title.

Directed by: Tim Burton.

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Clarke Duncan, Paul Giamatti and Estella Warren.

A man falls from the heavens in his ship on planet ruled by Apes that talk like man.

"Get your stinking hands off me, you Damn Dirty Human!"

At the age of ten, I remember hearing about this movie. My dad took me to see it. He didn't want to but he thought that maybe I would like it. It was of course a film for my generation. it was then that my dad told me about the first film made back when he was, well between the ages of 10-11. Incredible no? two generations experiencing the same genre at practically the same age. How often does that happen? Clearly my dad won back in 68. While Burton's remake re-imagines Franklin J. Schaffner's Ape masterpiece, it takes a rather different approach, with more focus on action and creature violence than scientific arguments like before; more war than knowledge. It's not a terrible film, but it doesn't live up to the original.

The human aboard a space station have undergone a scientific research project to teach various classes of apes to learn and reason. Why in space you ask? because not only are they being taught to learn like humans, but to also fly in space like humans;not the first time either. An electrical storm surges and they send Pericles, their expert chimp astronaut to check it out, when suddenly the storm makes him disappear. Captain Leo Davidson (Mark Wahlberg) sets off on his own space pod to find Pericles and is caught as well in the storm ,but not your average storm (it never is) and he then crash lands on a planet, only to find people of his kind dressed like cavemen and apes as the supreme rulers. A more wild bunch of supreme monkeys than the original piece and tamed by the very thing they swore never to let taint their very existence: human nature.

They have armor, weapons, a militia and a commander who's lust for power and hate for man rivals that of his thirst. If it's one thing that I am glad that was improved, was the make up design for the actors who played the realm of their primate characters; their speech pattern was never interrupted by the extra skin on their face. Like the first, one of the apes tries to find the usefulness of the humans. A culture, reasoning, intelligent interactions; more than just savages as their "masters" have branded them with. What makes this very different as a remake is that it introduces new characters, a new origin for the apes and why the humans are the lower species. It is the the Apes planet, but it isn't Earth. And as usual, the secret kept from the other simians is the fact that before, man was the master.

What weighs down the movie for some is the lack of Marky Mark's interest in the character he's playing, how useless a hot woman can serve this type of movie, and some type casting (Michael Clark Duncan). The ending at first proved to be very confusing for me back in 2001 and it took me a while to figure it out....and it still doesn't make sense to me, bu I'll let it slide. It's one thing to tell a story, but it's another to throw in random pieces of information to rush the ending.

The Acotrs:

Tim Roth: He acts very well his wild and barbaric character and makes it his own.

HBC: What would a Burton film be if she weren't in it?

Michael Clark Duncan: While I think he was type cast to play the mighty gorilla second in command, his brute acting style does give life to the mammal.

The Bad:

Clearly it was another planet, so where did the bloody horses come from? How does one primate change a timeline already set?

The Visuals:

The special effects on some of the technology could have used more work. The make up was pitch perfect as were the design's on the city.


It's not the best Planet of the Apes chapter, but it makes up for the awful sequels spawned back in the 70's.

"I warn you their ingenuity goes hand in hand with their cruelty. No creature is as devious, as violent. Damn them! DAMN THEM TO HELL!!!"


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