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  • The good news is that the seemingly perennial TV fixture is still funny and sharp and folksy. The bad news is that he lost the bet, or whatever it was that got him into Marc Fienberg's smarmy, lackluster comedy.

    John Anderson — Washington Post

  • A film in which comedic maturity is measured in jokes about hemorrhoids, constipation, and erectile dysfunction.

    Janice Page — Boston Globe

  • This Lifetime-ready comedy is hardly provocative -- let alone perceptive, funny, or fresh.

    Aaron Hillis — Village Voice

  • Stay home and find yourself a Golden Girls marathon.

    Elizabeth Weitzman — New York Daily News

  • It's The Andy Griffith Show meets Seinfeld in the sack in Play the Game, which shows Andy is not too old to star in a sex comedy, I guess.

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • Veering between syrupy sweet and awkwardly dirty, Play the Game is a woefully scoreless exercise.

    Robert Abele — Chicago Tribune

  • Surely, there is a way of expressing the joy of sex without the potty-mouthed dialogue that desecrates the persona of a television and movie icon.

    Carrie Rickey — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • The comedy's broad perfs, predictable story beats and pro but characterless packaging have a smallscreen feel.

    Dennis Harvey — Variety

  • While Fienberg's direction is no great shakes, the film showcases its veteran cast.

    Lou Lumenick — New York Post

  • Play the Game takes an interminable hour to get going. Every scene, every line reading, plays slow. There's no snap to it.

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • (Play the Game movie review at Time Out)

    Ben Kenigsberg — Time Out

  • I never contemplated what Andy Griffith's face would look like during orgasm, and I curse this atrocious and shoddy romantic comedy for making Griffith do it and making anyone watch it.

    Sean Means — Salt Lake Tribune

  • Surprisingly sexual in nature, and not just because it seems so concerned with the sex practices of the elderly. There's too much of that sort of material here and not nearly enough of the stuff we really want to see.

    Jeff Vice — Deseret News, Salt Lake City

  • There's a good comedy to be made about sex among seniors, but the low-budget indie film Play the Game is not that movie.

    Jeff Shannon — Seattle Times

  • It isn't great movie-making, but it is a cheeky good time -- even if you've never wondered what Opie's pa would look like after a jolt of Viagra.

    Matt Soergel — Florida Times-Union

  • This isn't so much sitcom fare as dinner-theatre material, directed without an ounce of style or panache and played more broadly than an old vaudeville routine.

    Frank Swietek — One Guy's Opinion

  • Although occasionally slow Play the Game receives a boost from its capable cast. It's fun to see an old dog learn new tricks.

    Diana Saenger —

  • Did you ever wonder what face Andy Griffith makes when he's having an intimate moment with a lady friend? Me neither. Yet that's one of many "delights" foisted on us during writer-director Marc Fienberg's feature-length debut comedy.

    Sean O'Connell — Charlotte Weekly

  • Play the Game has all kinds of good intentions, but the comedy is too broad and the pacing is clumsy. Take away the dirty parts, and this is the type of thing you can get for free on the Hallmark Channel every day.

    Peter Hartlaub — San Francisco Chronicle

  • There have been many things in this world I never thought I would see, and watching Andy Griffith receive, umm, "oral pleasure" was one of them

    Willie Waffle —

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