Predators Review

“This Should Have Been The Sequel To The Original”

July 8th, 2010

I really enjoyed the first Predator film will Arnold Schwarzenegger in, the 2nd not so much but as seeing this I have forgotten all about the 2nd film because this should have been the follow up to it (and it isn't really a remake).

This movie has a good cast and a good plot and there a lot more Predators in this one. The more the better I say.

Such a shame we had to wait a long time!


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  • ed-wood • 6 years ago

    This isn't a review at all. And RR said this is a sequel to the original movie, not a remake.


    • diaigma • 6 years ago


      How can I read something if there is nothing TO read?

      Even AVATARSEQUAL agrees. I WANT to read your review, but there is nothing there. Nothing. If you're going to write a review, write one. Not a happenstance cliff note. Capiche?


      • jimthar • 6 years ago

        cant wait to see it.


        • avian005 • 6 years ago

          Good review. No hopefully Ridley Scott redeems the Alien name.


          • dan1 • 6 years ago

            I'm glad you liked it, it gives me hope, but where is the review? How was the acting, were there any stand out action sequences, any memorable lines? Production values? Give me the beef, man!


            • jcberry526 • 6 years ago

              yea seen it today, very good movie really enjoy it... good cast and plot like you said... there was never really any slow parts which was good, 100% makes up for AVP and P2


              • katherine2007 • 6 years ago

                then don't read them


                • diaigma • 6 years ago

                  Dude. Come on. This isn't a review at all!


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