Predators Review

"Action Galore And Not Much More"

Action galore and not much more. It seems like a perfect tagline for this movie as it tells you everything you need to know. Actually, there is a lot of another thing, the "f" word. Though I guess that word would be pretty appropriate if you had the Predator following you around. The film begins with Royce (Adrien Brody) free falling unconscious and waking up in panic before releasing a parachute. He lands in the middle of an unknown jungle and he is not the only one in the same situation. He is one of eight who have no idea where they are or how they got there. It is not long before they figure out that they are not the only ones in the jungle, yet they are the only humans.

If you are after a mindless action movie, then this is it. There is a complete lack of depth in the story. There are holes all over the place and quite a few unanswered questions. Jokes that are supposed to be funny and just aren't. There is also a lack of suspense and feeling of dread that should be present in this film. It is not entirely predictable, but there is no thirst to find out what happens next. Director Nimrod Antal must have decided that he would use the musical score to make up for the lack of script, as there seems to be background movie for well over half the movie trying to build up the suspense. So much so that it seems like it is a complete overuse of music. In the films defence, it is supposed to be an action film based purely on the terrifying creatures. It isn't supposed to be a very in depth film as that is never what the previous "Predator" movies were about. The special effects are very impressive and fans of the old "Predator" movies will be happy to know that that part of the movie has not changed, and are obviously more superior than they were back in 1987.

"Predators" is a strange choice of film for actor Adrien Brody. It is unlike any other movie he has ever done. It is far from his best work, but he is far from the worst thing about this film. He gives a strong performance and is extremely intense throughout the film. He is not your typical action hero, but pulls it off nevertheless, once again showing his versatility and capabilities. Laurence Fishbourne pulls off a strange and unsettling performance, as does Topher Grace.

Again, there is not much to this film. "Predator" fans will be disappointed that the first time in 20 years that they are seeing these creatures of fear without aliens is not the true thrill that they would expect it to be. To watch this movie, you need to be leave all need for a well written script and storyline behind and be in it for the special effects. Those creatures aren't even close to being as terrifying as what they should be.

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