Premium Rush Review

“Premium Rush Is A High-octane Adrenline Pumped Fuel Ride, Ran By More Than Decent Performances From Levitt And Shannon. A Great Story That Keeps It's Pace Going While Also Being Completley Entertaining As Hell And Did I Mention It All Takes Place On Bikes”

August 26th, 2012

With the summer season of movies finally starting to dwindle down with the mere exception of next week's Lawless the summer movie season is pretty much at its end. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been all over the place this year from his turn as the detective/cop John Blake in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises and he will also be featured in this Septembers upcoming Sci-Fi action thriller Looper alongside Bruce Willis. Now this was a movie that is basically squeaking by on the movie radar and its a shame to, because Premium Rush is a truly entertaining film that will be under-looked by most movie buffs. It may not seem like it at first but Premium Rush is truly a film that holds you and grips you in the bounds of its story and never lets go, backed by truly impressive action sequences set in the bike messenger world of New York City. Not to mention some of the best on-screen performances by Levitt and Micheal Shannon in there careers. While this film is no Dark Knight Rises, its still worth the outrageous ticket prices the theaters are making us pay. It was hard for me to grasp how exciting a movie about bikes could be, what should have been a documentary is instead an action thriller. Which is not a bad thing, its just the world did not really need this movie, but im glad it was made.

Story: (4/5) - The main plot focus's on Willie (like the coyote) who is a bike messenger in New York City where he rides with no Brakes, where taxis and pedestrians are the enemies and where the package is everything and where your lucky to make $80 on a good day. When Willie intercepts a package that attracts some attention meet dirty cop Bobby Monday (Shannon), Monday is determined to intercept the package at any means possible even if it means killing Willie in the process.

Story: (4/5) - While the story is completely formulaic and it seems that way and we have seen the story played out before and well its nothing new and its flawed at best some of the stunts in this movie were hard to believe. But still it had the right "gears" (pun intended) to push this movie throughout. I enjoyed this movie for what its story was and David Koepp is an excellent director and screenwriter and he knows what he wants done with his film not to mention it don't hurt to have fellow heavyweights Micheal Shannon and Levitt on hand which leads into the Acting (3.5/5) - Some of the best performances of there careers Levitt is truly making a huger and bigger name for himself ever since 500 Days of Summer and his incredible & Oscar Worthy performance in 50/50 with last years Inception and Dark Knight Rises. Premium Rush is up there with his best. Micheal Shannon taking a break from his hit TV show "Breaking Bad" is ruthless and gritty and the guy you don't "f..k" with bad-ass dirty cop Bobby Monday desperate to get what he needs. Directing: (4/5) - David Koepp is one of the best screenwriters out there writing such hits including War of the Worlds and Panic Room he is a great director at that also. He knows how to shoot with style and make us interested in the plot on screen and casting to.

Overall: (3.5/5) - Premium Rush is a high-octane adrenline pumped fuel ride, Ran by more than decent performances from Levitt and Shannon. A great story that keeps it's pace going while also being completley entertaining as hell and did i mention it all takes place on bikes?. So while most people seem to already be skipping this movie in theaters anyhow its sad that this film will have no legs in theaters and be lucky to make $20million but it should have new life on DVD. Thanks to the impressive action set pieces and no holds bar performances. Premium Rush is the rush you need in theaters its exciting and its truly good entertainment while the story is completely contrived from past material but in this case it works and to an extent I'm ok with that. In a summer filled with Sequels, big budget action pictures its nice to have a genuine action flick, that does not make you think to hard.






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