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“Don't Get Your Hopes Up Here. Priest Is Just Another Stupid PG13 3D Spectacle , With Nothing Bold Or Exciting Throughout The Whole Film. But The Perception Of Vampires , The Action And The Story Is Actually Somewhat Interesting Enough For A Rent It”

May 15th, 2011

Going into the film "Priest" i was not looking at it being a Priest vampire hunter i was looking at it as a Sequel to last years Legion. But i knew it was not , i mean same director , same studio , same theme & actor?. Smelled like a sequel to me. But as i soon found out it wasn't. But the outcome and the overall thought of the film , its better than Legion. One thing about Priest is .. you really do not have to think for the whole duration of the films "Short" running time. But it does its best to keep the movie going , but at certain instances the audience may find it hard to keep up with. Priest claims to be based of some sort of graphic novel in North Korea , but honestly? could have fooled me. But beneath all the terrible acting , bad direction and converted 3D mess. There is a movie and a story to be heard here. My perception on vampires has changed graphically after watching this film , i actually thought the vamps in this film , were pretty sweet looking , and the action sequences were actually impressive , but all that has been drowned out by the lead actors talking in deep voices the whole time , and your to distracted by the nauseating 3D , that should have to sticked to its natural roots and that is of 3D. But Priest was not as bad as i figured it out to be , but you should no ahead of time , you know what your getting yourself into , when going to the movies , renting it whatever just know don't expect much and see in 2D where available.

Long ago , when vampires threaten the world , and sought out to destroy everything in there paths. The world needed heroes so they created a legion of secret warriors called "The Priests" who are destined to destroy the vampire menace. Now when all the vampires perished , the priests were asked to go there separate ways. Now one of the priests. A man simply known as Priest (we never get to know his real name) (Bettany). His brothers house was attacked by vampires and took his niece hostage. Now going without the authority of his elders , Priest sets out to do whatever it takes to stop the vampires , and take down the leader who actually was formally a priest taken by vampires and transformed "Black-Hat" (Karl Urban). Now Priest with the help of a local sheriff Hicks (Cigandet). Have to do whatever they can to stop "Black-Hat" before him and a whole hoard of vampires , take over the world , one town at a time. A whole army and save his niece before its to late.

Story was probably my favorite thing about the whole movie , because i liked the take and perception on vampires , and the back story was somewhat interesting , but like i said it was drowned out by terrible performances , the only notable one i actually enjoyed were Hicks & Black-Hat , but to be honest thats still not saying much. Acting was terrible , the worst performances , this year has to offer. Paul Bettany has the whole Christan Bale in Batman voice going on , talking really low and deep and you have no idea how annoying that gets after so long. But if you can get past that. But the leads needed to be better and the direction should have went a totally different route i mean Scott Stewart what are you doing?. He is just trying to run this movie into the ground , i mean the film was jumped around numerous release dates , and still i do not think it matters. The movie probably will not make much , because it only appeals to certain audiences. He did also direct Bettany in Legion , and lets face it in a way both movies sucked. The visuals were terrible , but probably the 3D made it somewhat better , but the 3D made it darker than it already was , and it just made it worse than it already was , i swear i had a huge headache buy the films closing credits. They should not have converted it.

Overall: Don't get your hopes up here. Priest is just another stupid PG13 3D spectacle , with nothing bold or exciting throughout the whole film. But the perception of vampires , the action and the story is actually somewhat interesting enough for a Rent It. I mean when this comes out on dvd i feel this movie is going to have a following. But this is no way worth the 3D price of admission nowadays $10 was to much spent on this movie , thats for damn sure. But still if you want to see this film and your theater has a 2D screening , take advantage of that because not all people are as lucky (me) because see it the way it was meant to be seen thats in the wonders of 3D. Another thing about Priest that really annoyed me , the film when you first see the trailers thats a definite R rating then it got a PG13?. That was really surprising , watch it will come out on Unrated Dvd and Blu-Ray. The film you could tell at parts it was watered down to make the rating , and so it can snatch the money of all those little kiddies that do not have to sneak in. But in the final word NO 3D here , you may be entertained for about 10mins than your going to realize what your actually watching. You just have to know what movie you are about to see , but Priest is no summer blockbuster , and they set it up for a sequel? which is funny because there not going to get one unless it becomes the breakout hit of the year? which i highly doubt that will happen.





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  • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 5 years ago

    Good review, sadly this wasn't released in my Mulitplex, don't to the reason that this has been critically spammed and they think it might not make them any money...saying that they make money of 3D films and are showing Something Borrowed, my cine needs to get its f*cking priorities right!

    also please check out my review for Fast Five/ Hanna all best KickAss88


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