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  • Adapted from a graphic-novel series (and what isn't these days?), this unholy mess of horror and Western cliches is, at least, blessed with a wonderfully loony premise.

    Adam Markovitz — Entertainment Weekly

  • The film, based in name only on a series of South Korean graphic novels, has nice, washed-out desert exteriors and some cool jet-powered motorcycles, but there's nothing in the hackneyed story or the derivative action scenes to make you take notice.

    Mike Hale — New York Times

  • "Priest'' is based on a series of Korean graphic novels. What it's really based on, though, is other movies - a whole lot of other movies.

    Mark Feeney — Boston Globe

  • [If] you're looking for a diverting sci-fi actioner that handily mixes the DNA of several different movies, with a few flying crosses thrown in and a heavy dose of Western mythology, sink your teeth in.

    Joe Neumaier — New York Daily News

  • High production values and slick editing can't save this picture. Nor does its overbearing soundtrack music, which tries to strong-arm viewers into believing they're watching a pulse-pounding thriller.

    Tirdad Derakhshani — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Not exactly an unholy mess, but still a rather too pious retread of classic sci-fi/action/horror riffs that lacks originality or pizzazz.

    Leslie Felperin — Variety

  • A mash-up of vampire horror and period westerns stewed with Blade Runner cityscapes and ridiculous religious images in a bubbling cauldron of dumb ideas and sinfully bad dialogue.

    Linda Barnard — Toronto Star

  • Too good-looking to be dismissed entirely, not bad enough to be worthy of outright scorn, but not good enough to watch, either.

    Eric D. Snider —

  • The film is somehow a disappointing combo of too-full and oddly empty.

    Mark Olsen — Los Angeles Times

  • Another broad yet eclectic little genre-blender to (maybe) toss into your rental queue.

    Scott Weinberg

  • Priest is one of those films you will forget about approximately five minutes after it's over. There is absolutely nothing memorable here.

    Jeff Beck — We Got This Covered

  • The good news is that Priest is not nearly as painful to sit through as Legion. But that's about it for the good news.

    Steve Newton — Georgia Straight

  • 'Priest' is about five beads shy of a rosary.

    Roger Moore

  • Priest is a lousy action movie with boring characters, a convoluted plot, and, most unforgivable, very little compelling action.

    Ben Kendrick — ScreenRant

  • "Priest" is one of those films you will forget about approximately five minutes after it's over. There is absolutely nothing memorable or noteworthy about it

    Jeff Beck —

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    Brent Simon — Shared Darkness

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    Dark Horizons

  • anyone who has seen the trailer has seen a good 80% of anything worth watching here

    James White — SFX Magazine

  • 90 minutes of inconsequential action and cliche recycling...painful to watch a semi-interesting setup get squandered and become stuffed into a familiar-as-hell framework where nothing ever seems at stake.

    Eric Melin —

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