Prometheus Review

“"Prometheus, Are You Seeing This?..."”

October 30th, 2013

"Prometheus" is essential about asking the big questions, like where did we come from? What is life's purpose? Is there a greater being? and the drive of knowing. It tackles a lot of heavy subject matter, but doesn't quit reach the level of thought provokingness that I think the film was trying to reach. It asks the questions, but doesn't take a strong stance on anything, leaving it very ambiguous. The film actually fails to answer a lot of necessary information whether present or brought up. It seems to beat around the bush more than convey a strong message or stance on anything. I wouldn't normally be bothered by it, but some of the information is sort of important to feeling for the character or getting a general though of the overall world.

From a directing stand point "Prometheus" is great. Eerie shots and disturbing imagery fill the screen and we do get a sense of threat lurking in the air. We feel as if these characters are isolated and anything can pop out of anywhere at any moment. Score is also fairly good only adding to the overall atmosphere of the film. However, from a story point of view, it is lacking in some parts. Everything feels a little too convenient. Moving the characters from point a to b and so forth. Also many things are brought up like certain character's intentions, but they never develop.

Acting is actually really good ranking from good to Fassbender. Yes everyone gives a good performance, but the stand out is Michael Fassbender as David. While I personally didn't like the character of David because while interesting he comes off as a jerk, but Fassbender added so much to the character. Great emotional depth with a subtle touch of the human essence. My favorite character is Elizabeth, Noomi Rapace, she's interesting to watch and is also a strong female character. She's not overly tough, but when it comes down to it she can hold her own. Though the characters are good, they are super dumb. These guys are scientists and yet when something obviously dangerous happens they go towards it. It becomes frustrating.

Overall "Prometheous" is a movie that I really wanted to like, but I only ended up with a lukewarm feel towards it. The directing is good as well as the characters and score, but it feels to convenient and it bring up so many themes that it shys away from. The world is interesting, but not enough attention payed to setting it up. The movie starts off slow, but picks up towards the end where the film makers atleast attempted to seem like they were trying to answer its own questions. The action is super and the special effects are great as well. However, I wish it had more to offer. I give it a strong 3.5/5, great directing and acting brought down by the films own plot.

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