Prometheus Review

“A Thought Provoking Film At Is Best, But One That May Leave Certain People Sour.”

July 2nd, 2012

Ridley Scott, a world renowned film director, half of 'Scott Free Productions' along with his brother, Tony, and for many people the king of cult Science Fiction movies, due largely to the excellent films 'Alien' and 'Blade Runner', which he had directed. Now after completing numerous epic movies and personal projects, Scott is back directing science fiction. 'Prometheus', thought by many to be a long lost relative of the original Alien, a prequel of sorts, however during the production this film has undergone many changes. These changes have allowed the film to not only be connected to the original (set in the same universe, same companies and style) but also to stand as alone title.

With an eerie opening act that introduces the audience to the films signature alien race, the Guardians, the film moves on to focus properly on the narrative following two scientists searching for the truth to mans beginning. Set in 2089, the film begins in Scotland where the two scientists are searching caves. When they come across what they are seeking, the film moves location into space, through the funding of the Weyland Corporation, one of the multiple connections to the Alien Franchise. The expedition team are travelling on the scientific pursuit vehicle Prometheus, to the location that is found in clues hidden in various different locations, that lead to the distant moon LV-223. After waking for a hibernating state the crew; including Scientists 'Holloway' and 'Shaw' (portrayed by Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall Green), expedition leader Vickers (Charlize Theron), ship Captain Janek (Idris Elba) and Android David (Michael Fassbender) another tie in to the original franchise. On this moon however the crew stumble upon more than what they wanted, people die and a alien race is created. The search for their beginning could lead to their end.

Putting together an exciting and highly talented ensemble of actors and actresses, the cast in Prometheus are perhaps one of the strongest put together in recent films. There talent and the visual direction of Scott allows Prometheus too become a highly engaging and easily watchable film.

Noomi Rapace portrays 'Shaw' in such a way that allows her character to carry the entire films plot. Gaining critical acclaim for the swedish adaptation of Lisbeth Salander, it is within this movie that once again the acclaim is completely earned. With her being foreign in an English language narrative, the speech work is sometimes not as natural as others could do it, but Rapace is still able to deliver her lines effectively. Relative new comer, Logan Marshall Green, showcase the character Holloway in such a way that the audience is never given full clarity to the characters motives. In the middle section of the plot, this character undergoes a multiple of changes and the actor is perfectly able to show this change whilst still maintaining the feel of the film.

As with many of his other acting roles, Michael Fassbender performs his role as android David perfectly. It is once again made clear that Fassbender has serious acting talent, one that can only get better through experience. Much the same as the other androids present in the Alien Franchise, David is a character that shows no emotion in what he undertakes, Fassbender however is able to not allow this emotionless acting to halt his performance. This character alone adds so much to Ridley Scotts vision, being something unusual for film lovers to witness. Those other actors that finish the films ensemble cast, complete there roles to the same high standard of the main. This allows the films acting to feel polished and high quality throughout.

With all science fiction movies, a lot is put into the special effects that are incorporated within. Prometheus does not disappoint. Whether it is the initial sacrifice segment of the sand storm that tears across the ship, all effects that are found within this film are completed to such a high standard that this film is able to, in many places, feel completely epic. A visual treat for eyes for the majority, only certain designs for key aspects of the film could for many leave a lot to be desired. The film still drives the narrative along at a fast pace, this in some way makes it feel away from the original franchise where it was opted more for a slow dragged out space drama.

One of the few issues found within this film, was that on first viewing the plot could become very confusing. It is a film that begs for multiple viewings, through doing this audience members will be able to understand the grand scale and vision that the Director had aimed to achieve. A thought provoking film at is best, but one that may leave certain people sour.

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