Pulp Fiction Review

“This Is Yet Another Masterpiece From The Ingenious Mind Of Quentin Tarantino”

May 1st, 2011

Quentin Tarantino is a tremendously talented filmmaker and scriptwriter. This is evident in his work of Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, and True Romance. He has proven he can command the screen with chaotic action and witty dialogue.

Pulp Fiction is yet another masterpiece from the ingenious mind of Quentin Tarantino. From start to finish this film the delivers. It a pure American work that centers on two petty hitmen, a low life boxer, a local crime boss, and a drug addict whose the wife of the local crime boss.

Tarantino utilizes a film discourse once again as he did in Reservoir Dogs. This helps balance the tone of the film, and gives it a unique creative edge. The film contains smart violence and witty comedy, which contributes to its identity as a trademark Tarantino film and as a great film overall.


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  • dan1 • 5 years ago

    This film is more then a masterpiece, it's a part of American culture, americana at it's finest. Still Tarantino's opus.


    • corey • 5 years ago

      Nice little short read man.


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