Defying the usual conventions of film, "Rage" is the new cinematic creation from ground-breaking writer/director Sally Potter. Using a radical narrative structure focusing entirely on individual performances, "Rage" builds a tragicomic portrait of people persuaded to reveal their secrets in the midst of a crisis. The film consists entirely of a dynamic series of interviews, as if shot by a schoolboy on his mobile phone. He goes behind-the-scenes at a New York fashion show during seven days in which an accident on the catwalk turns into a murder investigation.

Sally Potter's ‘Rage’ to Premiere on Cell Phones and IPods

According to Variety, Director Sally Potter's Rage will have its premiere on cell phones and iPods.

The film "will be split up into episodes by Web video service Babelgum and released via a free mobile application." A portion of the film will be released during the day beginning September 21. The full film will be watchable September 27.

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