Raiders of the Lost Ark Review

“Archeologist And Adventurer Indiana Jones Is Hired By The US Government To Find The Ark Of The Covenant Before The Nazis”

August 24th, 2011

Raiders of The Lost Ark

So like every body in the world have seen all the Indiana Jones movies, and like every body I love this movie this movie is one of the best movies of all time. This movie has one of the best storys ever. I love the story of this movie it is the best adventure story next to Inception this has the best story line ever put on film. People love this story I think it is because the opening scene when he takes the gold rock or what ever and runs from the rock one of the best starts to a movie ever. The acting is great Harrison Ford is great he just knocked it out of the park. Not only was he really funny he just brings the script to life if this movie was just Indiana Jones running from a rock for two and a hlaf hours I would have no problem with that, thats how good he is. Karen Allen is really good I love her as the love of Indiana's life and I think the two have the best chemistry of any film ever. As for the rest of the cast they did good too. The direction of this movie is amazing this is Steven Spielberg best directing ever I just love the things he does with the camara and he knows how to shoot action. The visuals are great for that time I love how gun fights I love the ghosts at the end and everything in this movie is great.

Overall I love this movie one of the best film of all time for that Raiders of The Lost Ark is... Awesometacular

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