Rampart Review

“Well Photographed, Perfectly Performed, It's An Awards Worthy Show, It's True, It's Real, Its Complementarily Evil, Its Broodingly Shallow Minded, Its Life In The Darkest Of Places And In The Lightest Of What Darkness Can Over Demise.”

February 25th, 2012

This film has not been recognized at all, on no level at all has it been graced with reviews on here said movieweb and it seems once again Oren Movermans second feature has been over shadowed and outcast like his previous debut- The Messenger, of which got heralded duly noted because of the nomination distributed to Harrelson. What is this film about, it's about the state of mind, this one being of Date Rape Dave, a socio-pathetic , emotionally wrecked, disrupted LAPD cop, whose on the streets, cruising along, down and out dirty, two-faced, anarchic and unpredictable. Rampart the name does not come much into play nor does the means and history.

James Elroy's story and source merely fine tuned for Moverman to make a character study piece that leaves you on the edge of reason, on the edge, the passing time ever more lividly uncomfortable and painful. Woody H. gives off bravura PERFORMANCE THAT OUTSHINES HIS PREVIOUS ESCAPADES INTO THE REALM OF THE PSYCHOTIC, BUT PLAYS IT TO HIS GAIN. Its real, its unchartered, its deep, its lost, simmering in alcohol, and relationship, and the inner turmoil, the self loathing, the punishment he doesn't inflict upon himself till the near final, the nearing of an actual conclusion, or concluding one proclamation to another unanswerable agnostic question.

It sees Harrelson find a hold, and seems to latch onto it, never over hyper, never kinetic, but very no hold barred gritty, bare raw and just a complete fucker. On his tip toes, looking down on people, but never actually needing to raise his height, his exuberance, his demeanour, his foul play. His time and his history and his cataclysmic self deprecation and self justification always allowing him to bait the sharks and swim the hell away from the problem, and it challenged he will use deadly force. What his character is a real human being, not an agnostic alienated creature from the black lagoon, not un-systemized and so crazy that you know that the predictions of his actions will more else do anything to change your opinion on him where here your opinion is always changing. You're not hating him or laughing at him or not trying to attach yourselves personally just because he's that much of a psychotic prick , whom is in distraught, whose life is neither going anywhere or nowhere or if ever will it finds its place. He's either trying to do well, or trying to do what's right, but due to this waterbed society he's moulded and gelled to and fixture himself too and this personality that's has sprung on up, he seeps lower in class and benevolence and personal status or personal grace because how he's feeling and corrugated to who he is and how he can comprehend these emotions and shrill tempers and his racist and sexist tongue, and his self righteousness, and where it will come from. From small slender trimmings, it can twinge. He is relatable and understandable and not a dick for the sake of it, he has problems mentally and socially, he may have a streak of wisdom or heralded knighthood but its a dark knight within, he knows that actions he will take will help him alone but may have a stain on his home life, equal personal. He knows the risks but because he's in this state of mind he takes that risk and goes for it. It's not that he's a deliberate bad guy, it's the bad guy whom likes to think he's the right type f guy.

It's emotional, and psychedelic, and sharp, dark grimy, uncomforting, and the pace, the rhythm, the snap of it is right. It's fixated with the world around him and how it may revolve around him. It's dark, brooding, real, far too real and painful a watch. Home truths lay there, and it makes you think, its snappy, its centrepiece definitive and it is a masterpiece of portraying the human condition and what life holds for whom are unstable and have that protagonist premise to their own dire lives.

Well photographed, perfectly performed, it's an awards worthy show, it's true, it's real, its complementarily evil, its broodingly shallow minded, its life in the darkest of places and in the lightest of what darkness can over demise.


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