[Rec] Review

“Spanish Is The Way To Go”

February 4th, 2013

{REC} is your rare horror film where it is both chilling, quite exploitative with the gore and guts, not as so glutinously as the sequels, but still a solid piece of film. It sees a young lady and cameraman filming their late night television programme which tackle certain subjects, this certain subject is them in wait, interviewing and spending time with a troupe of Fire Men. Sooner or later major shit kicks off and we see our troupe stuck in an apartment block after a crazed phone call stating somebody is trapped in their flat, oh how they should have stayed back at base moaning about the lacking of sirens and alarm. What does down is a mixture of possession and zombie tied in with a found footage round about narrative run.

And is the result any good, since Blair Witch, which heralded the mock doc, though various old controversial 80's features had this as a staple, Blair Witches stuck, with its nerving lighting, sound design and set up, how will a zombie mock doc be suffice, so why will a foreign language make any difference bar the deference of tongue and budgetary reasons?

Well it does, not only does it feel huge in scope, the whole compendium and rare stock and roll loop holing is so fast and never abrupt but go -go-go going, its raw, gritty, and the designing with sound and the edit is a creep enduing aura, slanted and knifed and edged with thorough in your face gore, splicing and dicing.

Jaume Balagueró

Paco Plaza both bring a humorous and bleak outlook all the while being a dirty, bloody ride, full of great stand out gore, and the further sequels in the franchise not only allow it to grow as a great series but one that doers not wear its heart on its sleeve, never self referential nor self deprecated, never falling into that spiteful mockery but never either way beyond the yonder and the merging off the two main thematic of late are ZOMBIES/Possession and to see a film work this well as a scientific approach and a religious occult bearing is something else, the narrative perfectly ensemble, quick on form, intriguing and just a nail biter.

Dark, brooding, good looking, gory, vastly intriguing, unique and puts the rare stock into lock stock found footage.


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