Reign Over Me Review

“"Music Is A Form Of Escape...Adam Sandler Proves He Is Hollywood's Most Valuable Comedic Actor With This Power-performance Of A Broken Heart That Needs To Find His Way...A Brilliant Story And A Power Performance Cast...A Must See."”

December 6th, 2010

Ok where to sum this film up, is very difficult, because its a masterpiece, a spectacle of storytelling that has become non-existent in the average Hollywood movie, and last but not least a cast of power performances, but the lead role does the shocking. WOW AND ADAM SANDLER IS READY TO BLAST YOU INTO SPACE BETTER THAN MICHAEL BAY DOES EXPLOSIONS.

This spectacular film begins with Alan johnson (Don Cheadle), a normal dentist living his normal life, he has a wife, Jeneane (Jada Pinkett Smith) and 2 daughters. On the way home he meets his college room-mate Charlie Fineman (played by Adam Sandler in a power performance, i never even knew he was capable of).

Charlie being in his own world, doesn't hear his pal, Alan and continues walking with his tin of paint. This powerful friendship from the past begins anew, when they bump into each other again while Charlie is driving his petrol scooter (I always wanted one but never got one lol).

As this powerful story slowly comes out, we find out how Charlie copes with Post traumatic stress disorder of losing his family, his wife, Doreen, their 3 children and their poodle, Spider, during the events of 9/11. In which this amazingly, nautral dialogue is created between these amazing characters that seem so real, its like you know them and begin to feel for them, and you feel Charlie's pain, especially if you lost someone on that tragic day.

This bond grows as Alan is determined to help his college buddy out with the help of young psychiatric Angela (Liv Tyler).

As the story becomes more deeper and more intertwined as if this is a true story, an amazing drama of that it is as multiple people including the parents of Doreen, The Timplemans (Robert Klein & Melinda Dilion), Charlie's only family wanting to help Charlie mend his broken heart.

With guest appearances of Ted Raimi as an attorney and Donald Sutherland as a Judge.

This is a powerful, provoking excellent told drama, through the eyes of one man, who uses music as an escape, with a touching soundtrack of the good oldies, a power performance oscar worthy casting, a touching drama of one man's loss and his spiral down wards as he copes with it.

This is a drama for the whole family or just a night in with the missus, with this brilliant tearjerker, with humour, character, personality and much more, and this is all down to the writer and director, whom done a spectacular amazing job, Mike Binder, who actually also plays the role of Bryan Sugarman in the film.

Congrats Mr Binder, you done a brilliant job of putting this as my 2nd favourite emotional drama of all time.

And last but not least, lets not forget that, this proves that Adam Sandler is Hollywood's most talented comedic actor, as he proves not only can you make you laugh till you wet yourself, but also touch you with his performances till you shed tears.


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  • dan1 • 5 years ago

    Too much synopsis, it dominated the review on this one. Again, don't have single sentences by themselves. However, you at least stayed focused on this single movie instead of getting into other ones, so kudos for that.


    • moviegeek • 5 years ago

      WOW. This is a good review. A major improvement over your last. Still needs some improvement, but there are at least 4 or 5 really strong paragraphs in this. Good work.


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