Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

“Why Did You Have To Kill A Good Thing?”

December 30th, 2010

First i didnt like how the story went. It did in some places pick up from the last 3. However, in all the others they tell you how and why things happen. In this one they dont tell you crap. First, the big guy with the axe. How did he come to be? Where did he come from? Or the new type of zombie with the squid like mouth, how did that happen? So sorry to say the story was crap. Next, the main bad guy. What is up with him? His acting sucked, and for a second there i thought i was watching the Matrix. The movie spent more time on the vusuals that anything. I didnt see it in 3D but i know that is all they really cared about in this movie. Overall, i am glad there is another one but could care less about this one. My fiance and I watched these all in a row, if we were to watch them again i would skip or never watch the 4th one again.


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