Resident Evil: Afterlife Reviews

  • Afterlife is slow-moving but relentless, and judging from a post-credits teaser that promises at yet another sequel, it has an unquenchable appetite for your brain cells.

    Jeff Labrecque — Entertainment Weekly

  • This witless installment features the usual ultra-slow-motion mayhem and helpful freeze-frames to allow us to admire the extra dimension. Fans will not be happy, however, to learn that Ms. Jovovich is more decently clothed this time around.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • (Resident Evil: Afterlife movie review at Boston Globe)

    Ethan Gilsdorf — Boston Globe

  • True to series form, plot is nearly indiscernible, but this fourth installment in the sci-fi/horror/action franchise created by writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson is the sleekest so far, thanks to 3D and star Milla Jovovich's body-hugging catsuit.

    Andrea Gronvall — Chicago Reader

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife lacks the humanity -- interesting characters, funny one-liners -- that made its predecessors enjoyable B-movies.

    Tirdad Derakhshani — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Jovovich remains the lone light in the increasingly lackluster videogame-based zombie franchise, which barrels through its fourth installment with a threatened fifth on the way.

    Andrew Barker — Variety

  • It's a humorless movie of morphing zombies (they take on beastly attributes), phoned-in performances and trite dialogue.

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • Like pretty much all of Anderson's films, this one is half-baked. The half that's baked isn't too bad, though.

    Eric D. Snider —

  • State-of-the-art 3D effects add a welcome dose of visual freshness to the fourth installment of this video game-based franchise.

    Frank Scheck — Hollywood Reporter

  • The action is easier to read than in most films of the genre, and therefore more enjoyable. Anderson makes particular use of sets and locations to wring out more bang for the stereoscopic buck.

    Michael Ordona — Los Angeles Times

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife recycles nearly every horror convention. The plot is not original and the 3D is quite bad. And since we've literally seen all this before, it's only occasionally entertaining, and rarely interesting.

    We Got This Covered

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife sees Anderson returning to cinematic dreck with a stunningly tedious exercise in 3-D CGI wankery.

    Steve Newton — Georgia Straight

  • Another Resident Evil zombie film with no brains but plenty of over-the-top action should still sate the appetite of certain viewers.

    Ben Kendrick — ScreenRant

  • The very definition of 'switch your brain off' entertainment.

    Ali Gray —

  • It's loud, bland, gory, and has very little to offer in the way of story. Don't tell me you were actually expecting something else.

    Jeff Beck —

  • With a simple plot paired with great action scenes in its brisk run time, that's all I really need from the series and 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' puts some new blood and excitement into what was close to becoming a dead franchise.

    Jeffrey Lyles — Lyles' Movie Files

  • The action, however spirited in its manic creativity, is so relentlessly repetitive that it ceases to be as cool as the director plainly imagines it to be a very long time before the end of the movie .

    Tim Brayton — Antagony & Ecstasy

  • (Resident Evil: Afterlife movie review at Shared Darkness)

    Brent Simon — Shared Darkness

  • The occasional flashes of imagination aside, "Afterlife" epitomizes what movies written largely by software and marketing committees look like

    Jay Antani — Cinema Writer

  • (Resident Evil: Afterlife movie review at Combustible Celluloid)

    Jeffrey M. Anderson — Combustible Celluloid

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