Resident Evil: Extinction Review

“Leaves Story Open For Sequal But The Best Yet By Far Lots Of Action And Does Stick More To Game Story Line Of Code Veronica”

October 16th, 2007

sticks more to code veronica story line and big baddy looks like creature from alaska in re code veronica when u get to alaska and use sniper rifle and a bit like the scienst in re2 ada wong boyfriend who injected himself and turned baddy but defenate watch for all resident evil fans and all action film fans shame there wasnt more creatures from game other then zombies and dogs hopefully we see in afterlife which is meant to be making ive heard which leon will be in they might have the creatures from re4 where people are controlled by that enemy not actually zombies and the ones in the labs where u have to use thermal to see the parts where u can kill them there like rubbery creatures feel free to comment on my reveiw and contact me through this site if u can hope u like bye

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