Return to Oz Review

“Return To An Entire Spoonful Of Hell!”

August 20th, 2012

Return To Oz is a live-action film made in the 1980's. It is also the unofficial sequel of the classic 1930's Wizard of Oz film. I wouldn't call this a sequel to the film, but rather than a sequel to the book. This film is just all about asylums, heroic girls and shit-your-pants monsters.

It has been six months after Dorothy's adventures in Oz, so the poor girl due to her obsessive nature, can't sleep. The next day, after Dorothy has found a key with the word OZ on it, her aunt and uncle decide to take Dorothy to the medical hospital where the doctors would literally ZAP her brains in order for Dorothy to forget about Oz. This is going to be interesting...

When they get there, Dorothy is soon tied down to a stretcher and before the doctor could erase her memory, the power goes out. When the staff leave investigate, a mysterious girl unties Dorothy and leads the way out of the hospital. Unfortunately, the two fall into a river during their escape and Dorothy sleeps onto a chicken coop and suddenly finds herself in Oz. But it has changed...

Return To Oz can be fun to watch despite it is one of the scariest children's films I seen. The character that made my day was the mechanical man, Tik-Tok, a new ally of Dorothy. This film can be also humorous as Tok-Tok fights the psychopathic Wheelers, and when The Nome King, a giant rock monster, orders the Princess Mombi to kneel while flat-faced on the ground.

However, this film can scar you as a child for life. I mean, asylums? Decapitated heads? Mad as a hatter freaks with wheels with hands and feet? Rock monsters that come out of walls and will try to eat you? What kind of Oz film is this?! This is not a kids film! This a big, crap-your-pants, horrific film if you ask me! Bit, I'm being a little harsh here. This film, despite it's horror, will always be a cult-classic.


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  • a7sus4 • 4 years ago

    It's definitely hard to take as a sequel, but nevertheless, I enjoyed this movie as well.


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