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When Kelli (Linda Cardellini, Freaks & Geeks, Brokeback Mountain) returns home from war, she expected to slowly but surely settle back into her life with her husband (Michael Shannon, Boardwalk Empire) and kids in the small town she grew up in. But she gradually realizes that the life she left behind is no longer there waiting for her. Depicting Kelli’s struggle to find her place in a life she no longer recognizes, Linda Cardellini delivers a tour de force performance, leading an all-star cast that also includes John Slattery (Mad Men). Proudly presented by DaDa Films and Focus World, a division of Focus Features, dedicated to seeking out the best in international, independent, and documentary cinema.

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EXCLUSIVE: Return Clip with Linda Cardellini
A young woman returns from her tour of duty to find that the life she left behind no longer needs her in Liza Johnson's drama, on VOD February 28th.
Return Trailer Starring Linda Cardellini and Michael Shannon
The film follows a women returning from war only to realize things aren't as they used to be.
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