Road to Morocco Review

“Funny Early "Road" Film With Hope & Crosby!”

October 10th, 2012

1942 and the boys Bing Crosby and Bob Hope continue their comedy films! Much of the film is unrealistic and at times makes fun of itself but that's what is so charming and silly about this film. "Moonlight Becomes You" is featured. The film won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay!

The film starts with a large explosion of a ship. Then we see several foreign correspondents talking into large microphones in their own language (at least it might be -- Hollywood at this time did not portray foreign languages in appropriate ways -- who would know?). The Chinese correspondent had a badge on him that said 'I am Chinese', the Russian one had a picture of Stalin in the background, things like that. Quite silly.

Amazingly no one gets killed in this horrific explosion, caused by Bob smoking in the Powder Room. Oops. Just when Bing is considering eating Bob for dinner, they discover land. Morocco! Land of Arab shieks, hot bellydancers (but carefully not showing the navels) and marketplaces selling all kinds of stuff.

Most of the film is quite silly. They note that crazy people get free food because they've been "touched" by Allah. Then Bob acts crazy but unfortunately the first place he goes to the store owner also is nuts.

Once in a while they will make fun of Paramount, or "I have to remind the audience of what's happening in case they walked into the middle of the picture." Or they'll say "maybe we'll meet Dorothy Lamour!" Duh, you think?? (All the "On the Road.." films featured Dorothy Lamour, so it was a given.

The craziness moves into high gear when Bing sells Bob to a princess. She found a horoscope that says her first husband will be killed in a week, but her second husband will live with her forever. Marrying the American means he'll live only a week! Oops.

Anthony Quinn plays the crazy jealous Arab who is supposed to marry her as the second husband. The boys get thrown into the desert -- mirages of hamburger joints ensue!

Interesting effect of the three of them lip synching each others' voices!

Best song for me was "Moonlight Becomes You" by crooner Bing Crosby.

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