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Oscar® winner Russell Crowe stars as the legendary figure known by generations as “Robin Hood,” whose exploits have endured in popular mythology and ignited the imagination of those who share his spirit of adventure and righteousness. In 13th century England, Robin and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power. And whether thief or hero, one man from humble beginnings will become an eternal symbol of freedom for his people.

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The expert trained Russell Crowe and the cast to properly shoot a medieval bow and arrow in this upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release.
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The production designer behind Ridley Scott's epic adventure discussed the lengths they took to ensure realism in this upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release.
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We're also giving away mini-posters and bottle openers as well from this Ridley Scott movie.
Robin Hood Comes to DVD and Blu-ray September 21st
We have all the details on this Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott film in both formats.
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Angry New Robin Hood Trailer Still Trying to Pretend Its Not Braveheart
Experience some never-before-seen footage of Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's upcoming adaptation of the legendary myth.
CONTEST: Win Huge Prizes from Robin Hood
We're giving away hats, t-shirts and posters from the new film.
Universal Pictures and Rogue Pictures Summer 2010 Sneak Preview
Robin Hood, Get Him to the Greek, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Despicable Me, MacGruber and more.
2010's Summer Movie Preview Spectacular in 3D Duo-Vision - Part 1!
A look at May through June with Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, The A-Team, the return of Shrek, and a whole lot more!!
New Robin Hood Featurette on Director Ridley Scott
Take a look behind-the-scenes at the director in action.
Huge New Robin Hood Photo Gallery!
We have 50 brand new images from the Russell Crowe film.
3 New Robin Hood Clips Arrive!
Here are some new video glimpses at Russell Crowe's new blockbuster.
New Robin Hood Official Website and International Poster
Take a look at the new site and poster for Ridley Scott's new film.
New Robin Hood Featurette Takes You Behind-the-Scenes
Here's a brand new video glimpse of Ridley Scott's upcoming epic.
Universal Rolls Out Robin Hood: Lionhearts Program
This is a cause-based initiative designed to reward those who dedicate their time to change the world.
Brand-New Robin Hood Featurette Brings the Action!
Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett star in Ridley Scott's reinvention of the Robin Hood Mythos.
Robin Hood to Open the Cannes Film Festival
Ridley Scott's new film will kick off the festival on May 12.
Brand New Robin Hood Italian Poster
Here's a look at a new international poster for the Ridley Scott film.
The 2nd Full-Length Robin Hood Trailer Arrives!
Take a look at Russell Crowe in this new Ridley Scott adventure.
The Robin Hood Super Bowl XLIV TV Spot Is Here!
Grab a peek at Russel Crowe and Ridley Scott's take on this iconic character.
Universal Pictures and Rogue Pictures 2010 Sneak Preview
A look at upcoming films such as The Wolfman, MacGruber, Robin Hood, and many more!
2nd International Robin Hood Trailer Hits
Take a look at this brand new video glimpse at Ridley Scott's new film.
2 New Robin Hood Posters Take Aim
Take a look at these brand new posters featuring Russell Crowe.
New Robin Hood International Trailer Arrives
Take a look at this new British trailer for Ridley Scott's film.
New Robin Hood Behind-the-Scenes Footage
Take a look at the action on the set of Ridley Scott's new film.
First Robin Hood Trailer and Official Photos Hit!
The Ridley Scott-directed action adventure opens in theaters May 14.
Danny Huston Joins Robin Hood
Actor will play Richard the Lionheart.
New Robin Hood Set Report
A UK site checks out the set and offers some tidbits on the film.
Another Look at Russell Crowe on the Set of Robin Hood
We have a new set of images of the star on horseback in the Ridley Scott film.
More Photos from the Set of Robin Hood
Check out the castle, two villages and a fort from Ridley Scott's action drama.
Photos from the Set of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
Get a peek at the action from the set of the film starring Russell Crowe.
First Look at Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
Get your first glimpse of the actor in full costume.
William Hurt Joins Robin Hood
He will play the Earl of Pembroke in Ridley Scott's retelling of the legend.
Robin Hood Commences Principal Photography
Take a look at the full cast and plot description of Ridley Scott's film.
Vanessa Redgrave Set for Robin Hood
The legendary actress signs on for Ridley Scott's reimagining.
Robin Hood Slated for May 2010
Universal gives the Ridley Scott film a prime summer release date.
3 Join Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand and Alan Doyle join Russell Crowe in the tale.
Cate Blanchett Set for Robin Hood
The Oscar-winning actress will portray Maid Marian in the new film.
Nottingham Changes Title to Robin Hood
Director Ridley Scott clears the air on other aspects of his new film as well.
Cate Blanchett Is Maid Marian in Nottingham
The actress replaces Sienna Miller in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood tale.
Sienna Miller Bids Farewell to Nottingham
The actress who was set to play Maid Marian is off the project.
The Wolf Man and Nottingham Push Release Dates
The Fast and the Furious 4 moves up to April 3rd.
Nottingham Plot Details Emerge
Producer Brian Grazer drops some spoilers on the new film.
Russell Crowe Is Both the Sheriff and Robin Hood in Nottingham
The actor will take on two opposing roles for Ridley Scott's tale.
Ridley Scott's Nottingham Gets Delayed
The Robin Hood revision stars Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller.
Now Sam Riley Is Robin Hood in Nottingham?
A lot of rumors are swirling around Ridley Scott's latest project.
Is Christian Bale Heading to Nottingham?
A new rumor suggests that he may play Robin Hood in Ridley Scott's upcoming drama.
Sienna Miller Signs Up for Nottingham
The British actress will portray Maid Marian in the Robin Hood redo
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