Robin Hood Review

“Rise & Rise Again...Until Lambs Become Lions!”

April 21st, 2011

Everyone is pretty familiar with this legend infact this character is more popular with kids than the elders. But this movie gives an insight of how robin hood rose over england and brings the tale of how the legend came into being.

It's been 10 years when both ridley and russell created the most memorable movies of all time. The duo made a gigantic landmark with gladiator in 2000 and russell crowe has never been the same again. after a decade the duo came back with the same hope of repeating history but i guess robin hood wasn't more dignified as the glorious maximus. After watching i realised that this is actually about how robin longstride actually became robin of the hood or simply robin hood like i mentioned earlier. I kinda wasn't able to relate this movie in the beginning but then i realised it's ridley scott & it's definitely gonna make sense!

Starting of with the's ridley scott and he knows better about warfare and robin hood is no different just a thing that ridley showed that he can shoot arrows too ;)

coming to the cast..the cast of choice was amazing..mostly everyone did their roles amazingly well..russell crowe gave his usual performance along with cate blanchett, william hurt and mark strong who coincided effectively along with the supports who were equally good except king john who i believe wasn't a good choice.

coming to the story...the story was something i wasn't expecting or i wasn't able to relate like i said earlier so i had to watch till the end. everyone knows about robin hood but the writers did put a good story to brief about his rise to the occasion. the story was well put overall.

summing it might know about robin hood but you sure don't know about his childhood..russell crowe fans have got themselves a treat and for those who think they know robin hood well...they might be curious about his background so give it a go! :)

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