Robin Hood Review

“"'Robin Hood' Shoots And Hits The Target"”

May 20th, 2010

I haven't seen a better and serious character of Robin Hood in any other Robin Hood movie yet. So yes that means that he's not like the cute and cuddly fox in the Disney Robin Hood and not funny like the one in 'Robin Hood in Tights'. Russell Crowe plays a Robin Hood that's not the "I steal from the rich and give to the poor" type. He's plays one that that isn't afraid to kill people he doesn't like. I've only seen a few Robin Hood films and-truthfully-the Robin Hood characters were never developed right, but this character is developed perfectly, thanks to Russell Crowe well done acting.

All though not all of the characters are developed perfectly. Some of the characters are creepy at times make you feel uncomfortable, but then they change later on during the movie. Russell Crowe brings the entertainment in 'Robin Hood' and makes the movie a triumphant success. The story seems to make the film more like a prequel, but it's well told.

In this story (from my point of view) Robin's (Russell Crowe) kings is killed and the king's childish brother then becomes king. Robin is then set on a quest to bring to crown and sword to the rightful owner, but then while he's on his quest he notices that the sword brings back memories of his childhood with his father as the days pass, though not all his memories are good, that's after he found out how his father was killed. Robin then meets a lovely sweetheart Marion (Cate Blanchett) who's an old man's daughter. Then later things began to go very wrong, but of course Robin takes care of it.

If you haven't seen a better Robin Hood film then see this, or if have still see it. The battle scenes are mind-blowing as hell. You won't be bored during the battle scenes. 'Robin Hood' is a battleground of entertainment.

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