Role Models Review

"I Like Boobies."

Ok, I am keeping this review shorter than my average review, because there isn't too much to say about the directing, acting, visuals, and stuff like that. But here it goes-

Now, do not be mislead by my 3.5 star rating. I really did like this movie a lot, and actually plan to buy it. But 3.5 is probably all it's worth.

I only saw this movie for 2 reasons. It has Elizabeth Banks, who is extremely gorgeous. Sadly she isn't in the entire thing, but she was still in it enough. The other reason is that it was getting really good reviews. And not just from a bunch of people I don't know. Some of my MovieWeb friends - that I trust - said it was really good as well. But the trailer didn't make it look so good, and most people know I'm not into comedy movies, because they're all the same- crude, and unfunny. So I just waited for DVD... I was thoroughly surprised! I liked it a lot!

Of course the film has crude humor... which I hate. But for some reason, it was bearable in this one, and even some of the crude comments were actually funny. I felt guilty laughing at them, because I normally cringe at most crude humor. I mean, it wasn't a total overload of crudess, like most R-rated comedy films. It more focused on the kids, and stuff. Plus unlike most comedies, the crude humor wasn't COMPLETELY pointless. Most comedies just seem to throw it in there for no apparent reason, but all it does is make them look gay.

I actually really like the storyline. It's new, and original. 2 "friends" get into trouble (see the movie to find out exactly how), and they can either do some hours of community service, or go to jail for 30 days. The community service they do is the judge's favorite foundation- Sturdy Wings. It like united kids, and adults together, and basically the adults are suppose to be "role models" for the kids. I'm not going to put a spoiler alert. There's no need for one. I'm sure by the trailer, and my review you already figured out that the kids are going to start out as complete assholes (one of them al least), and the adults will not be very good role models. But then at the end, they all become friends, and live happily ever after. Yes, it's a predictable ending, but the comedy in the film in its entirety is really funny, and original. Now you probably won't be laughing 100% of the time... more like 80%, because the film also has a story to tell...

I really like the chemistry between all the actors. The kids, and adults work really well together, and make a good team. It features Seann William Scott, who was in The Rundown, that also had The Rock. He can be funny sometimes, and this is one of those times! Also has Paul Rudd, who believe it or not was in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. He was a crappy actor then; he got better.

A film definitely worth watching. Very funny. I hear it won Best Comedy of 2008... I don't know about that, Tropic Thunder is best comedy of 2008... but this certainly can come close!

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