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A law school student (Matt Damon) loses his tuition money and everything else he has saved in a high stakes poker game. Learning his lesson (he thinks), he vows to his girl friend (Mol Gretchen) to give up playing forever. That lasts until his best friend (Edward Norton), a notorious card shark, is released from prison and drags him back into the circuit to pay debts he has incurred to a Russian mobster (John Malkovich). John Turturro also appears as a career poker player and Martin Landau plays a law professor who understands his student's need to be something other than what is dictated to him.

Rounders News
Bad Santa and Rounders Sequels Coming from the Weinstein Company
A Shakespeare in Love sequel is also in the works through a partnership with Miramax.
Is Rounders 2 Becoming a Reality?
It seems one of the screenwriters of the original has ideas for a new film.
HatcH International Audio Visual Arts Festival Debuts!
...HatcHFest lights-up Big Sky country
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