Rubber Review

“A Movie About A Killer Rubber Tire? Worth A Watch”

July 11th, 2011

Yes, this movie is about a rubber tire that kills. With telepathic powers, no less. Why? Well as the narrator explains at the beginning at the film: "No reason."

This film is just one huge "No reason." There is no reason the tire comes to life. There is no reason the tire adopts telepathic powers or why he becomes a killer. There is no reason even that the tire is dubbed "Robert."

But throughout the film, along with a group of spectators who are simply watching the show with us, we follow Robert as he starts a head-blowing rampage across a presumable Texas town. He kills just about anyone whom he rolls into on his path.

No reason. No absolute reason for anything that happens in the film. So what could the purpose of a "no reason" film be? To be pure mindless entertainment as its greatest form. This is a film with just about the oddest premise for a horror story you can think of, and without being satirical of anything in particular, becomes one hour and twenty-two minutes of you watching the film trying to find a reason that doesn't exist.

And at least I personally don't feel bad that I lost those eighty-two minutes at all. In fact, it is remarkable that such a movie doesn't make me boil with fury. Of course I kept asking "Why?" over and over again and not once did I, or anyone who has or will view it, get one answer. After the credits rolled and finished I realized I just wanted to see what a killer tire would do. Was I happy with the end? I was. I did like the ending.

I can't speak of any acting because the movie keeps the focus right on Robert. I did like Wings Hauser as the old man spectator and was fascinated by Steven Spinella as the narrator but they were minimal compared to Robert. Robert doesn't talk or really communicate anything; he just simply blows stuff up.

Yes, I saw the trailer online and thought it was a joke considering the release date was April 1st. Imagine my surprise when it showed up on my Netflix marquee. Of course I had to press play. Why? No reason. Well, to watch a movie about a killer rubber tire I guess.

Moral of the story, folks: watch it. You may love it or hate it more than I but just watch it. Because you're thinking I'm wrong about "No reason." Watch it, and just try to find one single reason. Try.

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