Running Scared


After a drug deal goes wrong and some dirty cops end up dead, low–level mobster Joey (Paul Walker) has to dispose of the guns from the shootout. Things get complicated when his neighbor's young son snatches the gun and uses it to shoot his father. Once this happens, Joey has to race all night to find the kid, cover up the shooting, and get the gun back -- all while keeping both his own mob associates and the cops at bay.

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Movie PictureWe've teamed up this week with New Line Cinema to giveaway tickets to their action thriller, Running Scared! The film, starring Paul Walker, Cameron Bright, Vera Farmiga and Chazz Palminteri, opens nationwide this Friday!

Meanwhile, Joey, hot on Oleg’s trail and aided by both his wife Teresa (Vera Farmiga) and son (Alex Neuberger), has embarked on a frantic night-long search, not only to locate Oleg and the gun, but also to save his own life and street credibility by keeping the gun’s disappearance a secret from both mob factions.

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EXCLUSIVE: Paul Walker Talks to MovieWeb's MOUTH TRAFFIC!

B. Alan Orange goes one-on-one with Paul Walker to talk about Running Scared, Eight Below, and working with Clint Eastwood!

Hey, this is B. Alan Orange. And I want to tell you about my favorite film of 2006. Huh? What? Yeah, you heard me right. I know the year hasn't even learned to walk yet, but its going to take something mighty special to top what I saw last Tuesday. It's called Running Scared. And it shocked the shiz-bamm out of my fingertips. I know it has the same title as some thrift store Gregory Hines/Billy Crystal crime caper, but trust me, you'll forget all about that mediocre 80s flick after you see this tight, mean kick in the lungs.

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