Safe Review


July 24th, 2012

Safe is a 2012 action movie.

Director: Boaz Yakin

Starring: Jason Statham, Anson Mount and Catherine Chan.

I sometimes ask myself why I get a bit irritated to see Statham revolve around the same types of movies since his first Transporter movie. Took a while to convince myself that no matter what, the man entertains the hell out of me. I take back what I said. Here we have Statham playing the character Luke Wright, a former fighter, who finds himself protecting a young Chinese girl with an I.Q. large enough to decipher mathematical codes with the blink of an eye. Why I'm reviewing this movie now? Well, after bombarding this website with series reviews building up and leading to the top blockbusters of the year, now I can return to the other reviews I missed.

To get it out of the way, the action is textbook Statham. He kicks everyone to the ground and doesn't break a glorious sweat. Hell, in his introduction, you see the man in a UFC ring. I wholeheartedly feel sorry for the other guy. His character's background further complicates the plot, when you realize that not only was he a brawler, but an elite killer for the "good guys". Luke Wright at this point seeming like a homeless man on the streets has nothing less to lose. After not blowing a fight for the Russian Mob, they murder his wife, and exile him to trash. Where does Mei fall into this poor man's life? Well, she is shipped from the Chinese since she carry's a gift to decipher secret coding and mathematical solving problem skills that even the top thinkers of the world would be stupefied.

The Chinese don't rely on technology because any hacker can access their secret files, so they rather leave the information to a little girl. As far as being practical goes, these guys are king; they use a freaking abacus to count money, a device I once used as a chew toy when I was kid. The Russians, while having their way with Wright, want the girl to steel the Chine's secrets. Can't we all get along? Wright becomes the barrier and guardian angel for the girl, as he decides to revert to his old elite operating days and creates a hell on earth for both mobs and the New York corrupt police department.

Nothing special about the acting. Statham is on neutral and lets face it, you go to see the man kick butt, not give an oscar performance. The background action is just as good. The only disappointing factor would have to be the face-off between Wright and apparently his physical and intellectual equal named Alex Rosen, played by Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels. Even Statham's character feared him so at this point I was expecting to finally see baldy's match in the history of his acting career. Ah well, leave it to the imagination.

Overall, fast paced, good action, standard Stathm which makes you forget the plot instantly.

Written by: Bawnian©-Dexeus.


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  • jasdjqs • 4 years ago

    well said, Just saw this movie, Got to say i love it. It felt like van dam movie.


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