Salt Review

“Salt Ironically Leaves A Sweet Taste In Your Mouth”

July 25th, 2010

(SPOILER WARNING) Whether your a fan of Jolie or not, you have got to give it up to her. This girl can act! I being a fan of Jolie, knew I would be seeing this movie once it came out. Jolie might not be the sex symbol she was a few years ago but she still has it and can still deliver a good performance.

I went in to Salt pretty much like 95% of the movie goers who were going to see this movie, figuring we already knew every detail before seeing it unfold.

I was quite wrong! This movie manages to throw a few curveballs your way and even had me second guessing myself at times. Jolie pretty much owned the movie, as the cast was sub par by far. With the exception of Schrieber, the movie seemed to not wanna take away from Jolie's performance. A role written for a man (Tom Cruise was offered the role) was re written for Jolie and she nailed it. If you are a fan of the Bourne movies and Mission: Impossible movies then you should enjoy Salt.

Jolie plays Salt, a respected and highly trained C.I.A agent by day and devoted wife to her husband Michael by night. Schrieber plays her partner at the C.I.A Ted Winters. As Salt prepares for her anniversary with Michael later that night, her plans are postponed when an unexpected Russian defector claims he has knowledge of secret undercover Russian spies.

Now this is where I found the story to be a little absurd. Not only are they rehashing the "Cold War" but they claim that certain american events (assassination of Kennedy) was the plot of Russian spies to bring down America. Russia has been secretly training kids to learn American ways and trained in combat for a day when they will triumph over America. This day is called DAY X. Whats funny is that they tell the kids where they will go to school and what jobs they will get. Really??? Im sorry but becoming a top C.I.A agent isnt something you can just walk in and apply for. I mean how do they know that these kids will land these jobs?? What if Salt had not gotten the job at the C.I.A and instead became a fry cook at McDonalds? BAM! That throws a huge monkey wrench into DAY X plans.

The Russian defector proceeds to claim that an undercover Russian spy by the name of Evelyn Salt will kill the Russian president, who is in America to mourn the loss of the American VP. From here the movie gets action packed and never lets up. A daring escape by Jolie (she uses a fire extinguisher as a rocket propelled grenade launcher) leads to a chase through out the streets and freeways of Washington DC. As Jolie jumps from moving truck to truck to avoid the pursuing agents, she finally manages to steal a motorcycle and escape.

Jolie aquires a new set of clothes and changes her hair color. And for say the next 15 mins of the movie, Salt does not utter one word. Salt goes from blonde and running scared to black haired bad ass who is hell bent on revenge. She doesnt even need to say words as her icy cold stare are enough. Salt slips into the church where the funeral is being held and after making short work of some secret service and C.I.A agents, she collapses the floor the Russian president is standing on and appears to kill him in cold blood. (Here is the part where Im like Hmmmm is this Salt or someone else)

She is quickly apprehended by agents and led out of the church. Winters who was her biggest supporter, now vows that she will rot in a prison for what she has done. (Oh and Salt still hasnt said one word)

As she is being led in the back of a police suv, Salt manages to get out of another sticky situation. Salt meets up with Orlov, the Russian defector, to tell him of the news. Salt seems to be in full cahoots with Orlov. Orlov takes Salt to where they are keeping Michael. As soon as she enters the room and sees Michael, he is quickly executed. Salt tries her best to hold back emotion, knowing if she shows any for Michael she will be killed. Orlov, satisfied she shows none, welcomes her back to the family.

As Salt and Orlov plan the next attack on America, we see the old Salt come back and brutally attack Orlov with a broken wine bottle. She then proceeds to unleash hell on her supposed comrades. She meets with a former Russian classmate and they fly to DC to kill the president of the United States. Posing as a NATO agent ( a male agent btw) Salt infiltrates the White House. Her former class mate tells Salt he is going home and in suicide bomber fashion proceeds to blow himself sky high. This opens the door for Salt to follow Winters and the president into his underground bunker. This is where the movie takes yet another turn. Winters, wanting to stop Salt, grabs a gun a kills everyone in the bunker. He knocks out the President and aims the fully armed nukes at muslim citites. Turns out Winters is a Russian spy as well and used Salt as a patsy the whole time. As Winters is about to fire the nukes a news cast reports that the Russian president is alive and well. Seems Salt was a good guy the whole time. A gun fight between the two ensues and Salt is shot in the back while trying to stop the nukes. Realizing she was wearing a vest, they take Salt into custody as Winters plays victim.

As they lead Salt away, Winters grabs a pair of scissors in an attempt to attack her. She has other plans and jumps over the balcony wrapping her handcuff chain around his neck, killing Winters. As she is being taken away in an F.B.I helicopter, she manages to convince the C.I.A agent she can kill the remaining DAY X operatives. She escapes the helicopter by jumping into the Potomac river. The movie closes as we see Salt escaping in the woods.

The movie is left wide open for a sequel and i think could be a new chapter in Jolie's career. If they do make a second movie better direction and a better plot might be needed. The acting in the movie was good and the action was non stop. Plus in a CGI world, little was used in this movie. Salt is a good summer action flick and although not original, is a pretty good movie Jolie fans can enjoy.


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