Salt Review

“A Russian Spy With The CIA...Or...A CIA Operative With The Russian Agency?? Hmmm...”

April 25th, 2011

Agent Salt has been with the CIA when a russian spy is captured and he discloses that agent salt is a russian spy..this raises the question who she really is? She tries to escape which further raises the curiosity that she has some explaining to do..the cat mouse chase begins and it turns out that she is not the only russian spy involved in the grand master plan.

So this is it?? The chase just begins and she starts escaping the clutches of CIA seriously Angie you deserve better and the way Liev schreiber felt for her just gave me the hunch that he might be upto something..i have to say russian agents can screw up the whole CIA..well this movie proved it...a russian agent makes it to the top secret cell..a place only known to the US president..and the CIA can't even do a shit about it!

Starting of with the cast..Angie was the only reason why this movie even mattered...the reason why i even watched it..liev schreiber was good too and the supports were okay nothing special..but i don't think angie should've gone with this one..i mean the movie could've gone better.

Coming to the direction and visuals..well i havent seen any other phillip Noyce movie with this being the first. phillip could have been more cinematic i mean the expressions of the actors gave clue to what would happen next. I believe the movie as a whole lacked much.

The story was even crashed the whole movie! Kurt wimmer could have had a better script and story...he just gave everything happening in such a quick span that for a second i just didn't knew what the hell was going on!! The story also seemed a bit predictable like i said that you could literally tell that what might happen..atleast you could be was written all over liev schreiber's god damn face!! lack of a proper story..the plot or the story could have been in more detail.

Summing it up..angie fans might be disappointed a bit...they can still give it a go...but viewers looking for some spy thriller might not like it at all..they might say that the movie did not do justice with angie....if you think i'm wrong then see it for yourself.

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