Salvation Boulevard (2011)

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  • 21%
Release Date
July 15th, 2011
  • George Ratliff
  • Douglas Stone
  • George Ratliff
  • Larry Beinhart
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Latest 'Salvation Boulevard' News

EXCLUSIVE: Salvation Boulevard 'A Sign' DVD Clip

Pierce Brosnan tries to communicate with an incapacitated Ed Harris in this scene from the upcoming DVD, debuting September 18.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Salvation Boulevard 'Acid Flashback' DVD Clip

Greg Kinnear stars as a Christian who goes on the run from fundamentalists in this comedy arriving on DVD September 18.

Brian Gallagher

EXCLUSIVE: Salvation Boulevard DVD Debuts September 18th

Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear star in this dark comedy about a man framed for an accidental murder by his pastor.

Brian Gallagher

Isabelle Fuhrman Joins Salvation Boulevard

The Orphan actress joins Pierce Brosnan, Ed Harris, Jim Gaffigan, Jennifer Connelly, and more.

Cat Parker

Scream 4, Real Steel and A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Filming in Michigan

A new story reveals those productions and more will be heading to Michigan.

Brian Gallagher

Jennifer Connelly, Greg Kinnear and Marisa Tomei Enter Salvation Boulevard

They join Pierce Brosnan, Jim Gaffigan and Ed Harris in the comedy thriller.

Cat Parker