Satan's Alley

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    Award winner Kirk Lazarus paints another stark and moving portrait in his depiction of pastor Father O'Malley, the shamed priest who has committed the ultimate sin. Set against the backdrop of Eighteenth century Ireland, young O'Malley is banished from Belfast, after it is discovered that he has "Sinned the sin that dare not speak its name".

    Fearing certain death, O'Malley travels in the dark of night to the cliffs of Mohr under strict orders from the church; "You must nary speak a word for 50 years." He must also copy "Verse upon verse" of scripture "With nary a printing press, but with thine hand and quill". At first O'Malley sees the retreat to the stony bluffs as a tonic, but as the years in seclusion wear on, he finds the craggy ocean walls act as a prison, entombing his desires.

    But temptation has a way of finding the weak...even in Mohr. Having nowhere left to run, O'Malley must now face his demons, and for first time in his life, he must face his God.

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