Savages Review

“The War On Drugs, Biggest American Hypocrisy”

July 15th, 2012

Oliver Stone's career is much like the War on Drugs campaign. When it first started, full of promise and great success; then later, just became another faithless venture filled with pointless moments, burying the only good parts. The start of the War on Drugs campaign was a for a good cause at the time for an epidemic of junkies filling the streets. Now, it's just this big joke of money blowing of tax payers money. A few months ago, I read an article in the Baltimore about this big drug bust. I found that all they did was get a lot of marijuana off the streets, which isn't that big a deal type of drug; on top of the that, none of the big timers were arrested. So what the fuck. This was a half page story about some two bit Reebok wearing loser getting caught for marijuana. Wow. The campaign started in the mid 80's and til this day the word, cartel, still has a significant meaning. Oliver Stone kicked off his success train with his screenplay of Scarface. Then directing Platoon, Stone became a household name, creating masterpieces such as Born on the Fourth of July, JFK and Wall Street. Then in the 90's he became a director that was on the verge of joining John Carpenter in the realm of bad filmmaking with his turn into satire works like U-turn; even though I enjoyed Natural Born Killers, after reading Tarantino's actual script and discovering how good it could have been, NBK wasn't all that great. Any Given Sunday was a pretty cool sports drama. So I would say that he barely survived the 90's with mediocrity. Then the millenium hit and it was all downhill and full of shit much like the War on Drugs was becoming. Alexander had Colin Farrell in the starring role and World Trade Center had Nic Cage in the lead role, need I say more or do you need a lenghty description of why these films were such a disappointment. Then W. was like a Saturday Night Live skit, and again Wall Street 2 starred Shia Labeouf.

Now, Savages, a work surrounded by great ideas and themes but drops into the realm of mediocrity because of bad and useless action scenes, stupid voiceovers, dull and predictable love triangle and unrealism. All could have been avoided if Stone wasn't like the War on Drugs campaign today, just a naive, hypocritical way to get your point across but still you compromise to that last cookie in the jar.

Let me be the first to say, LEAVE TAYLOR KITSCH ALONE! Yeah, he starred in two bombs and miscasted in Wolverine, but there's no way this guy should be receiving the same type of hate as the cast of all the Twilight movies. Benicio and Travolta absolutely stole everything good in this movie and had their own little that I was begging to see more of. A crooked DEA and a number 2 man in a drug cartel, that could also be considered even bigger than his boss, cruising and having there way with the joke known as the war on drugs, of getting the little, weak and incompetent guys and letting the big dogs fly free. I liked Blake Lively playing this sad, pitiful character, but I would pay thousands to never hear her voiceover in a movie ever. Really, I hate voiceovers all together. It's such an cheap, easy film tactic that takes a lot away from the character. Blade Runner kicks ass without the voiceover. Selma Hayek wasn't great, but due to her character seeming like a bubblingly idiot and inferior to Del Toro's character, that almost makes her a subordinate herself to him, I was well pleased. If they would have casted someone like Michelle Rodriguez I don't think this character's happenings would be justified, by the way, love that show.

Like I said earlier, a lot of the faults in this movie could have been avoided if Stone wasn't trying to suck his teeth on a dollar bill. Why was there a love triangle story centered as the main and marketing theme? Why wasn't this released like an indie film instead of being released like a big action blockbuster? Oliver Stone still believes in what he believes and has great passion for it, due to his off-filming actions like heavily supporting Hugo Chavez and Ron Paul., but now he's willing to bring more money into something like Savages by taking the theme of mexican politics on drugs and America's War on Drugs campaign and deteriorating it with all simply, dry orgi love story, because love stories attract more of female audience. Then you got your big time action moments to draw in an even bigger audience. It's kind of hypocritical to do something like that, because now, all you are is just a movie that isn't doing well in the box office and a forgettable movie. Lesson to all filmmakers, don't cheat out your ideas in filming, for example, trying your hardest to get a PG-13 rating just because the audience ratio is higher, just for a few dollars that you might not get in the first place, just like Savages, decent movie but directed in a sell out move way. Hulk Hogan, the King of Selling out, eat your heart out.

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