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Brian De Palma's blood-and-sun-drenched saga of a Cuban deportee's rise to the top of Miami's cocaine business has become something of a popular classic since its release; it's been referenced in rap songs and subsequent gangster movies and quoted the world over. Despite this lovefest with the dialogue, the film's brutal violence and lack of positive characters still make it controversial and disliked by certain critics. Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana, whose intelligence, guts, and ambition help him skyrocket from dishwasher to the top of a criminal empire but whose eventual paranoia and incestuous desire for his kid sister (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) prove his undoing. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Tony's neglected coke-addicted trophy wife, and Steven Bauer is his concerned friend. F. Murray Abraham, Robert Loggia, and Paul Shenar are some of Tony's sleazy business partners and potential killers. Oliver Stone wrote the expletive-packed screenplay, based on Howard Hawks's 1932 version--which was ostensibly about Al Capone and starred Paul Muni and George Raft. The synth-heavy Giorgio Moroder score expertly evokes the drug-fueled decadence of 1980s Miami, and De Palma provides several of his elaborate set pieces, including a horrific showstopper in a motel room with a chain saw.

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EXCLUSIVE: Scarface Blu-ray Special Features Clip
Watch actors and filmmakers discuss the importance of the 'dinner scene' in this Al Pacino classic which debuts on Blu-ray today, September 6.
Scarface Invades Los Angeles
Stars Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia, F. Murray Abraham, and producer Martin Bregman reunite for a special event for the Blu-ray release on September 6.
Scarface Returns to the Big Screen for One Night Event!
The iconic classic will play in 475 select theaters before making its September 6th Blu-ray debut.
Scarface Blu-ray Finally Debuts on September 6th
Al Pacino delivers a legendary performance as Tony Montana in Brian De Palma's gangster epic.
CONTEST: Take Home Scarface: Platinum Edition On DVD!
Win the movie that has inspired generations of fans and rappers! Plus, the grand prize winner will take home the video game!
Scarface: Platinum Edition Blasts its Way to DVD October 3
New edition presents Scarface like you've never seen it before.
Celebrity-Filled Scarface Videogame in Development
Includes Al Pacino, James Wood, Robert Loggia, Oliver Platt and many more!
Al Pacino in the Scarface Video Game
Gamers will play Tony Montana trying to rebuild his criminal empire after the end of the film
CONTEST: Win 20th Anniversary SCARFACE DVDs!
"Antonio Montana..."
SCARFACE Comes Back to Theaters September 19th! celebration of the film's 20th anniversary!
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