Scary Movie 3


Be warned. From the director of the 'Airplane!' comes the hilarious third instalment of the Scary Movie franchise. Now out of College, the hapless Cindy Campbell is a TV News Anchorwoman. Within a matter of days, Cindy is summoned to investigate the mysterious crop circles on Tom Logan's farm, and uncover the eerie secret behind the death of a close friend. Whilst on her journey, Cindy meets Orpheus, who explains to her that she is "The One" and prophecizes that she must help the President of the United States in preventing a full scale alien invasion.

David Zucker Talks 'Scary Movie 4', 'The Naked Gun 4' and more

Scary Movie 3:MovieHole is running an interview with director David Zucker today where he talks briefly about the Scary Movie and Naked Gun franchises...

CLICK HERE for the full interview.Was the deal that you'd do a Scary Movie 3 and a Scary Movie 4 at the same time?

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The official SCARY MOVIE 3 site goes live!

Movie PictureScary Movie 3: An official webite for the upcoming Dimension Films spoof comedy, Scary Movie 3 has been launched!

CLICK HERE to download posters, view the trailer, and much more!

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Brand new SCARY MOVIE 3 clips and trailer!

Movie PictureScary Movie 3: New clips from all over the web are now online from the upcoming spoof flick, Scary Movie 3, a well as a brand new trailer!

CLICK HERE to see all the new multimedia from the film!

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New images from ALONE IN THE DARK, ELF, and SCARY MOVIE 3!

Thanks to Phantastik, Empire Movies, and Alone In The, we've got new stills from Alone In The Dark, Elf, and Scary Movie 3!

CLICK HERE for our Movie Stills gallery from Alone In The Dark!

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Director David Zucker reveals SCARY MOVIE 3's plotline!

Scary Movie 3 was released October 24th, 2003.

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Queen Latifah talks SCARY MOVIE 3!

In the spoof, LaQuisha tries to teach The One (Cindy Campbell played by Faris) how to fight, but Cindy hasn't accepted yet that she is The One, so she doesn't realize all the things she can do. LaQuisha uses her cheating husband Orpheus (Griffin) as a teaching tool.

Thanks to ET for the scoop!

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Casting 2 Dimension films, THE BROTHERS GRIMM & SCARY MOVIE 3!

The Brothers Grimm and Scary Movie 3: Dimension Films is rounding out the casts on two of its key projects, enlisting George Carlin and Ja Rule to join Scary Movie 3, and adding Lena Headey, Peter Stormare and Jonathan Pryce to The Brothers Grimm.

Carlin and rapper-actor Ja Rule join a cameo-laden cast for Scary Movie 3, headed by Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

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