Scary Movie 4


The fourth installment of the comedy series spoofing horror movies, and boy does it have plenty of bad horror movies to spoof!

‘Scary Movie 4’ to Contain Deleted Scenes on DVD

Comedy titles lend themselves to DVD because actors tend to try a joke a few different ways. According to director David Zucker the DVD of Scary Movie 4 will be no exception.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, Zucker lists out a couple of scenes he thinks might end up on the DVD.

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‘Scary Movie 4’ Breaks Easter Weekend Box Office Records

The Weinstein Company today announced that Dimension Films' Scary Movie 4 opened number one in North America grossing over $41 million, becoming the highest grossing Easter weekend opening ever and giving the film the largest opening for a film released by The Weinstein Company.

The announcement was made today by Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company. The film was co-produced by The Weinstein Company and Miramax Films. The previous record holder for Easter Weekend was Panic Room, which brought in $31 million when its opened in 2002.

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EXCLUSIVE: Anna Faris Gets Funny in ‘Scary Movie 4’

For the fourth time, Anna Faris has returned to play Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie franchise. The 29-year-old beauty has really made a name for herself in the last few years with these films. And last year, she starred in Just Friends and Waiting, both with Ryan Reynolds, and a little movie called Brokeback Mountain.

In this latest spoof film, Scary Movie 4, Anna tackles The Grudge, The Village, Million Dollar Baby, Saw, and a host of other films you have to see to believe. This is by far the funniest of the Scary Movie films.

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EXCLUSIVE: David Zucker Talks ‘Scary Movie 4’

The director of the spoof talks Anna Faris, Brokeback Mountain, a Scary Movie 5, and Superhero!

When you watch a serious horror movie, do you ever wonder what that scene would look like in a comedy? Well, thanks to Demension Films and Bob and Harvey Weinstein, we have the Scary Movie franchise.

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New Photos from ‘Scary Movie 4’

The Weinstein Co. have give MovieWeb a first look at a slew of new photos from their upcoming spoof flick, Scary Movie 4.

Continuing with the tradition of the franchise, Scary Movie 4 stars Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen, Simon Rex, Shaquille O'Neal, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw and Craig Bierko.

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The ‘Scary Movie 4’ Trailer Goes Online!

Movie PictureThe Weinstein Co. has unveiled the official teaser trailer for the fourth spoof in the Scary Movie franchise, simply titled, Scary Movie 4.

Starring Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen, Simon Rex and Shaquille O'Neal, the film opens nationwide on April 14th.

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Carmen Electra Talks ‘Scary Movie 4’

Scary Movie 4 was released April 14th, 2006.

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Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen and Simon Rex Set for ‘Scary Movie 4’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen and Simon Rex have boarded Scary Movie 4 for Dimension Films.

Electra, who died in the original installment of the Scary Movie franchise, is back to play a new character in a plotline that parodies The Village. Spoof vet Nielsen and Rex will reprise their roles from Scary Movie 3. Anna Faris and Regina Hall already have boarded the project.

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