Scary Movie


It all starts with the murder of a beautiful high school classmate, after which a group of misguided teens - all played, of course, by 20-30 year old actors -discovers there is a killer among them. Heroine Cindy Campbell and her clique of clueless friends, including Buffy, Brenda, Bobby , Greg, Shorty and Ray, must protect themselves from danger .... and that pesky reporter Gail Hailstorm who just won't leave them alone! Sound familiar? It certainly is, but as the story gets under way, a series of gruesome and hilarious surprises blows the lid off the expected plot twists and turns them into something funny and twisted.

‘Apollo 18’ Pushed to January 6, 2012

The Weinstein Company has altered its release calender for 2011, with the most notable change being Apollo 18's shift into 2012. The Timur Bekmambetov-produced found-footage project was set to debut in less than a month, on April 22, and now it will be released on January 6, 2012. No other movies have been slated for release on January 6 yet.

The studio also moved Piranha 3DD from September 16 to November 23. The 3D sequel would have squared off against Drive, Johnny English Reborn, and Straw Dogs on September 16. Now it will face Hugo Cabret, Arthur Christmas, Project X, and The Muppets.

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‘Scary Movie’ Franchise to Be Rebooted? Scary Movie Franchise to Be Rebooted? It seems that not even spoofs are immune from remakes as a popular spoof series will be restarted. According to CinemaBlend, The Weinstein Co. and Dimension Films will be remaking their Scary Movie franchise with the next film.

It was said that the film would feature all new characters, which would likely mean we won't see Anna Faris in the film, which makes sense seeing as she told Fangoria recently that, "I really have no answer," as to when a fifth Scary Movie film would come out.

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‘Scary Movie’ Comes to Blu-ray Disc October 23

Movie PictureDimension Home Video will release the hilarious comedy Scary Movie starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans on Blu-ray Disc October 23 and Badder Santa: The Unrated Version starring Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton (Best Adapted Screenplay, Sling Blade, 1996) and Golden Globe nominated actress Lauren Graham available on Blu-ray Disc November 20, 2007.

Scary Movie, the hilarious, must-see comedy smash places Carmen Electra (TV's BattleBots), Marlon Wayans (Senseless) and some of today's hottest young stars in a wickedly funny send-up of today's most popular horror movies! A familiar-looking group of teenagers find themselves being stalked by a more-than-vaguely recognizable masked killer! As the victims begin to pile up and the laughs pile on, none of your favorite scary movies escape the razor-sharp satire of this outrageously funny parody! There's nothing to fear in this scary movie ... unless you're afraid of laughing too much.

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