Season of the Witch Review

“Priest....You're Gonna Burn In Hell!!”

May 12th, 2011

Okay Witchcraft is one thing...but what is with demons flying around cathedrals??!!

A girl is suspected of practicing witchcraft and is believed to be a witch. Nick cage and ron perlman are crusaders fighting or should i say "Killing" in god's name so that their sins can be forgiven. Not satisfied with what he is asked to do the crusaders head for somewhere else where they find that they might come in handy for delivering the suspected witch to a place where she can be held for trial. Oh then it gets interestingly weird...the girl does show signs of witch craft but turns out to be something far more superior than what she was suspected...A Demon! She was actually possessed by the demon and there you have it...knights fighting demons!! :D

This is outrageous! knights were fighting with the demons as if the demons were mortals!! for crying out loud!! please Bragi Schut you could've done something else with the story!!

The cast selection was good but i must say that the cast put themselves up for a wrong movie! Seriously nick cage what were you thinking doing this. The performance was average nothing so special. The supports didn't even put up a good show.

Dunno what dominic sena was thinking making this movie..the movie mostly was a disaster...the only he did thing wisely was take nick cage aboard..he is the only reason why i have ratings or else this movie sucked mostly! Seriously sena you need more efforts.

Summing it up..viewers in love with gothic shit and all might kill themselves! :D . Only a Die hard nick cage fan can give it a go or else move on....

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