Seeking Justice Review

“Paying Forward - Conspiracy”

March 26th, 2012

A illuminati type picture that takes place in New Orleans. I must mention how sick typical scenes, like MARDI GRAS for Louisiana, makes me sometimes or does no one live there the remainder of the year? The film tries horribly to sew together a catch phrase, The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, but fails miserably at providing a real meaning except some analogy a guy makes in an attempt to make it a important part of the plot. My guess is without Nicolas Cage this project never makes it off the shelf because he was the only major actor or actress in this story and was definitely the glue holding it all together with his superior half calm - borderline chaotic, overly dramatic attitude with often lame lines that seem to be purposely scripted to give him more appeal to the average person, like me, but the others play reasonable supporting cast.


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  • jim-mourgos • 4 years ago

    Good review. Yeah, I didn't think much of this film, though it had its moments.


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