Semi-Pro Review

“Do Something Else, Will Ferrell!”

March 3rd, 2008

It’s a semi result for Will Ferrell. Just like the movie title, it’s got Semi written all over it. No matter how hard you try to laugh at the jokes, they’re just not that funny. There are moments that deserve a little chuckle here and there, but definitely not… a laugh out loud riot. Will’s sports comedies are getting too familiar. He basically just puts in a bunch of frat humor and adds in whatever sport he wants to do and bam, a movie!

If Will keeps this up and does the similar style over and over and again like this one, then we’ll never get to see what he’s really capable of. I actually thought his performance in Stranger than Fiction was quite the surprise. He can do better career-wise if he’d just once stop doing this type of movie. May not stop all together… just… try to be versatile.

Some say Will Ferrell is the new Jim Carrey but even Jim Carrey sometimes takes a break from being Jim Carrey and tries out other roles like Man On The Moon, The Truman Show, and The Majestic.

Back to the movie…after watching better sports comedies like Dodgeball, SEMI-PRO just seems to be a terrible copycat, not even the hints of 70s disco, the jive and the groove can save this poor excuse for a comedy film.

Will Ferrell’s character is too in love with himself, he gets annoying.

Andre’s character as the only talented one and turns out to be the loyal one too sorta gives the movie its shot of ethical hero but you can’t seem to connect with any of the characters because the writing’s just too terrible.

Woody Harrelson and his love interest are the romance factor and you’d see a lot of guest stars doing cameo, most of them are good friends of Will’s. The only funny is probably actor Rick Coddry who for some disturbing reason, he gets excited whenever he sees girlfriend gettin’ it on with Woody Harrelson.

I think what kills it even more is that it has shared so many clips and shown so much in the trailers and on the web that when you see Will fighting the bear, the fun wears out because you know exactly what happens and when they start letting the bear keep showing up frequently, it just loses its effect after a while.

I don’t recommend this movie unless you’re the kind of audience who still don’t get tired of Old School’s Will Ferrell.


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  • sxers2k1 • 8 years ago

    I dont think Will Ferrell can do anything else, he has built himself this personna and now he must live with it, so some of the movies will be funny, some not as much, I look forward to Step Brothers


    • ramasscreen-com • 8 years ago

      I thought BLADES OF GLORY was hilarious.

      Goes to show that Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell could always work if the jokes are actually funny... in the case of Semi-Pro, the jokes are a miss instead of a hit.


      • cinemaguymaster • 8 years ago

        hi Rama, good review...I feel the same way about this movie but I'm just wondering if you like "Blades of Glory." A movie I gave a very positive review.



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