Serenity Review


April 25th, 2008

Im going to give Serenity five stars because I just found it to be fun and entertaining at the same time and really thats all I need from a movie like this. Serenity may not have been a big budget action movie but it still had all the big action and a great story that makes one. I was a fan of the show maybe not when it was on T.V. but I was one before seeing the movie and the movie does not change anything you saw on the show and thats one more thing I enjoyed about the movie. The movie was a great Action Adventure from the start of the movie to the end and when it was over I just wanted to watch more because not only do you get sucked into the story but also the characters and that is one of the movies strong points. While the movie might be compared to movies like Star Wars and Star Trek it still is one cool space adventure and what's wrong with liking more than one.


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