Shadow People (2013)

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Shadow People is based on a true story about small town radio personality Charlie Crowe (Roberts) who unravels a conspiracy about encounters with mysterious beings. These “Shadow People” were the cause of hundreds of unexplained deaths. He encounters CDC Epidemic Intelligence Agent Sophie Lancombe (Eastwood), whose investigations entwine her with Charlie’s own discoveries leading them both into a dark world and a decades old cover-up.

The film explores the actual historical evidence of SUNDS and the real phenomenon of an inverse placebo effect, where the mind can actually kill the body through false belief. The film is backed up by real archival footage of a suspected outbreak of SUNDS, which occurred in rural Kentucky, and takes the found footage genre to a new level by intercutting the story with the actual interviews of the real-life participants, local news footage and radio clips from the event.

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Shadow People Blu-ray and DVD Arrive March 19th

Shadow People Blu-ray and DVD Arrive March 19th

Dallas Roberts and Alison Eastwood star in this true story about a mysterious string of deaths all around the world.
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