Shark Night 3D Reviews

  • A ho-hum series of kills and lulls so predictable that it doesn't even look like much fun for the sharks; when they open wide, they might as well be yawning.

    Adam Markovitz — Entertainment Weekly

  • The result is a movie that isn't crummy, exactly, just blah: when the freakiest teeth on screen belong not to one of Walt Conti's animatronically realized sharks but to a good-ol'-boy called Red, you know you have a problem.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • A second round is out of the question. Unless, of course, they called it "Gladys Knight 3D.'' Then all is forgiven.

    Wesley Morris — Boston Globe

  • Shark Night, handled with impersonality by Snakes on a Plane pilot David R. Ellis, aspires to nothing more or less than carrying along an audience through a string of unremarkable kills, often involving high-jumping fish.

    Nick Pinkerton — Village Voice

  • The one crime a B-movie should never commit is boring its audience. By even these low standards, "Shark Night 3D" is dead in the water.

    Elizabeth Weitzman — New York Daily News

  • Director David R. Ellis has delivered a heartless, suspense-free 100 minutes of sharks dining out on kids stuck on an island in a Louisiana lake.

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • The sharks are rubber and the performances are wooden and that's just about all you need to know.

    Linda Barnard — Toronto Star

  • Sharks have it bad enough as endangered, misunderstood predators with a terrible public relations image without seeing their serial-killing stardom drowned out by hammy acting and torture-porn villainy.

    Robert Abele — Los Angeles Times

  • When I wasn't laughing at the scenes of sharks leaping out of the water to attack their prey (in trees! on jetskis!) I was questioning the happy coincidence of a runaway motorboat heading directly towards a pier littered with flammable gas tanks.

    Glenn Dunks — Trespass

  • An atrocious waste of time, this "Night" is one you'll quickly forget.

    John Hanlon — Big Hollywood

  • Predictable. Disposable. Listless. Boring. This is not how you make great horror films.

    Wesley Lovell — Cinema Sight

  • The most disturbing sequence comes after the end credits, actually, when the actors are shown performing together on a really bad rap video.

    Steve Newton — Georgia Straight

  • This clearly isn't a film that wants to win awards for logic, so it dives head first in to just pure idiocy, and never comes back up for air.

    Felix Vasquez Jr. — Cinema Crazed

  • Never mind that the film is never scary; it also is never much *fun*.

    Michael Dequina —

  • (Shark Night 3D movie review at Austin Chronicle)

    Austin Chronicle

  • Awful on nearly every level, but wholly entertaining as a laugh-out-loud party movie. Shark Night is dumb, but you probably won't care.

    R. L. Shaffer — IGN DVD

  • This film falls apart in the deliberately bad character development which never quite registers as a joke but rather as a weak attempt at actually developing the characters.

    Kevin Carr — 7M Pictures

  • The end result is a horror effort that never becomes the guilty pleasure it clearly wants to be...

    David Nusair — Reel Film Reviews

  • full review at Movies for the Masses

    Joseph Proimakis — Movies for the Masses

  • This is a pretty bad movie that (I think) knows it's a pretty bad movie. What keeps it from being even worse and entering into the useless 'torture porn' genre is its PG-13 rating, which teeters on the brink of 'R' territory throughout.

    Linda Cook — KWQC-TV (Iowa)

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