She's the Man


Amanda Bynes plays Viola, a teen girl who impersonates her missing twin brother Sebastian at his boarding school for two weeks, but then ends up falling for his male roommate and then having his girlfriend fall for her. Things only get stickier when Sebastian returns.

‘She's The Man’ is Number One on the DVD Charts

Paramount has been the man for three weeks running on the sales and rental charts.

This is the first DreamWorks movie that Paramount has distributed.

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CONTEST: Win ‘She's the Man’ On DVD!

On July 18th the gender bending comedy She's the Man will come to DVD. In honor of this special day, we are going to be giving away copies to some very lucky people!

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Amanda Bynes Knows ‘She's The Man’

Amanda Bynes is becoming a boy. Well, not quite, but when the girl's soccer team is taken out of her school, she proves she's good enough to play on the boy's team. The only thing is, she pretends to be her twin brother Sebastian and go play on a rival high school's team.

Andy says keeping all straight was the easy part, having the young cast fall in love with each other and making it believable on screen was the tough part. "I always wanted the scenes with Olivia to be romantic because for me to buy it as an audience member I have to buy Olivia is falling in love with this guy. Part of it has to be the sweetness that's coming through on Amanda's side; that was probably the stuff just emotionally for Amanda. The more she was able to do it, the easier it was. That was really only in the beginning.

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