Shoot 'Em Up Review

“"Wow, Awsome, So Good, Awsomly Entertainig, More Action Per Frame Than Die Hard \and Lethal Weapon Or Even James Bond, A Bullet Riddled Treat, Prepare To Be LBown Away, Is What Some Lame Reviewers Have Called This Wannabe Crank, So Listen Up To This...."”

April 12th, 2010

A stupidly dull story about prosertutes, a carrot munching toss pot, and a baby and a made four eyed prick whoes a bit of a perv.

Yes you got it correct, guns-blazing, guts spilling, camera jumping, tittites jigling, this is Soot Em Up, the title would be sutiable to the producers.

This film is not fun, its a waste of cash, talent, in which this cast has not, and kiling the film indistry, a wannaby Crank.

It wnast to work with its made cmaera angles, and over the top action, and camera techniques .

It dully edited, its mad, ponitless, no fun, the actors look as bored as we do.

This is all nicly put together, looknig good, but the script. the cast, the story, the plot, hold notihng of interest to us the audience.

Many may love it for its mad hatter stlye action and ponitless action scenes, but it is no fun.

A women just given birth to the be killed, oh amazing.

Fucknig brillaint.

Scarasim is the best.

So this is an awsome movie (scarcism)



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  • ed-wood • 6 years ago

    This movie is awesome and much better than Crank. But hey, to each his own.


    • raoulduke33 • 6 years ago

      Such a fun film to watch. You're wrong.


      • jaysonb190 • 6 years ago

        Maybe next time, hit spell check before you post. I'm a huge fan of the movie but open to all views on it and this is poorly done. You need to be more specific when you make claims of why you thought it was terrible.


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