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  • Will the next terror-minded remake involve a possessed telegraph machine or a grudge-minded ox and cart? Neither option could be any lamer than the shock-free Shutter.

    Clark Collis — Entertainment Weekly

  • The director, Masayuki Ochiai, conjures textbook J-horror miasma: clammy clinical interiors; overcast skies; diffuse cityscapes.

    Andy Webster — New York Times

  • If Shutter is any indication, the reputation of professional photographers is still on the wane. Not only are photographs creepy, the film suggests, but so are photographers.

    Michael Hardy — Boston Globe

  • A blandly cast and crafted remake of the same-titled 2004 Thai pic that itself emulated J-horror norms, which seemed a lot fresher back then. Low on real scares, atmosphere and character.

    Dennis Harvey — Variety

  • Shutter is seriously short on shudders.

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • With Shutter, that nerve-tingling soundtrack gets heavy use almost from the beginning of the movie. It becomes tiresome.

    Philip Marchand — Toronto Star

  • The epitome of gutless, derivative hackwork.

    Eric D. Snider —

  • Though a presentation of 20th Century Fox, Shutter has the look and feel of a proper J-horror film.

    Stephen Cole — Globe and Mail

  • Asian horror remakes are typically not screened for critics, and Shutter is no exception. The studios know what they have: watered-down, lifeless shells of motion pictures devoid of characters, drama, or anything remotely resembling horror.

    James Berardinelli — ReelViews

  • Strictly perfunctory in its concept and execution, Shutter presents the usual series of spooky images of a deadpan female ghost showing up at odd times and moving in the slow, jerky movements that are de rigueur for the genre.

    Frank Scheck — Hollywood Reporter

  • Shutter, which attempts to do for cameras what The Ring did for videocassettes, what Pulse did for computers, and what The Grudge did for grudges.

    Steve Newton — Georgia Straight

  • Avoid unless you've never seen a horror movie in your life or you just have very low standards.

    Ali Gray —

  • (Shutter movie review at Time Out)

    Drew Toal — Time Out

  • absolutely redundant piece of work...

    David Nusair — Reel Film Reviews

  • Out of the list of horrible remakes I've experienced in 2008, "Shutter" really isn't the worst one I've seen yet, but it sure does suck enough to rank up there...

    Felix Vasquez Jr. — Cinema Crazed

  • ... the film feels like a made-for-TV movie.

    Lucius Gore — ESplatter

  • Similar to a theme park ride that scares kids, this Asian horror film frightens only newcomers to the genre from which it practically bootlegs.

    Bruce Bennett — Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

  • Shutter the latest photographic enlargement of an Asian horror picture, is clearer and sharper than many of its predecessors, but even the most expert re-touching cannot obscure the fact that we have seen it all before.

    Steve Biodrowski — Cinefantastique

  • Shutter features another pale, scraggly haired young woman a la The Ring haunting our protagonists. Yawn.

    Christian Toto — Washington Times

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    Joseph Proimakis — Movies for the Masses

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