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Michael Moore, director of "Fahrenheit 9/11," the highest grossing documentary of all time, sets his sights on the American healthcare system and the corruption within.

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CONTEST: Win Big from Michael Moore's Sicko!
We're giving away a signed poster from this film.
Sicko Comes to DVD November 6
DVD to contain 30 minutes of extra footage, additional interview clips and more.
Sicko Becomes the Third Highest Grossing Documentary of All Time
The film has earned $24.2 million domestically.
Michael Moore's SiCKO Has the Second Highest Opening Weekend for a Documentary
Grosses $4.5M on 441 screens; the film will expand to more theatres in the coming weeks.
Check Out the SiCKO Production Notes!
Q&A with Michael Moore and and the making of the documentary.
Michael Moore Targets American Health Care in Sicko!
Even the haters agree this film is genius!
Sicko Earns Hefty $70,000 on One Screen
The film does well in its very limited debut release!
Michael Moore's Sicko Trailer to Be Projected Onto Buildings in 5 Cities Monday Evening
From sunset to 1:00am in NY, LA, Chicago, San Fran and Oakland w/full sound and subtitles.
Sicko Already on YouTube
Michael Moore's new documentary shows up online two weeks before release.
Michael Moore Announces The End To Sicko
The filmmaker's health care documentary nearly done, and sets a 2007 release.
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