Silent House Review


March 12th, 2012

Elizabeth Olsen, now two major movies out, is single-handily saving her family's pride from the tumultuous twins of double impact death, Mary Kate and Ashley. The Olsen sister that didn't help kill Heath Ledger. By far the better looking than the twins. My only reason for checking this movie out was because this girl's so freaking hot. Silent House, similar to another Open Road productions film, The Grey, takes another cool take in the horror genre. However, unlike The Grey, there are a little more misses than hits in Silent House, which will have mixed feelings for many viewers.

Silent House relies on it's silence. It uses it's silence in a good way to bring a ice cold chill running down your back, and it's also used in a bad way where moments in the movie has an absolute silent scene and out of nowhere a deafening noise just blast through your ears, nose, even from my eyes. Constantly, these sort of bad typical horror genre tactics bring this movie into Mediocre town, which is a real shame because this movie isn't what you think it is. It's twist is so shocking and astonishing that you will find yourself forgiving it for it's faults and give it a one thumb up. The only way this movie is getting two thumbs up is if they make a sequel to Silent House, starring me and Elizabeth Olsen, but it will be titled something very contrary to silent.


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